Flattering Short Haircuts For Your Face Shape

Even if you’ve never tried a short hairstyle, chances are it has at least occasionally crossed your mind. Many people believe that their sense of style is inappropriate for a short cut. But selecting a cut that flatters your face shape is one of the most important aspects of a short haircut. Anyone can wear a short do beautifully if the right style is chosen based on face shape. Every face shape, from oval and round to square and long, can look beautiful with a short hairstyle. Check out these aesthetically pleasing short haircuts for your face shape if you’re ready to take the plunge and go short.

Cuts For Round Faces, Short Hair

Because they appear to lengthen round faces, pixie cuts are the ideal short hairstyle for them. Pixie cuts are known for their voluminous texture, which heightens the top of the head and lengthens and lengthens the face. For faces with round features, the shorter the hair cut, the better.

Oval Faces Short Haircuts

Dramatic cuts are ideal for oval faces. The soft curve of the face can be preserved while adding definition and playfulness with an angular bob. Consider the chin when designing for oval faces by balancing it out with layered, angled cuts.

Square Faces And Short Haircuts

The best hairstyle for a square face is shoulder length hair. The jaw and forehead are the most noticeable features on square faces and need to be balanced well to prevent the face from looking overly angular. Just past-jawline hair will help to soften the jawline and give the face a romantic, seductive appearance.

Long Faces And Short Hairstyles

Lobs work best to accentuate long faces. Long bobs or lobs are a good way to make the chin and forehead appear shorter. The sides of the face look best when they are given more volume with a curly or waved lob. This aids in giving long faces a more aesthetically pleasing, balanced appearance.

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

The objective with rectangular faces is to shorten the appearance of the face. Fringed bangs are a great hairstyle for faces with a rectangular shape. Keep your bangs straight or side-swept, full up to your brows. Layers are a great way to give rectangular faces more volume on the sides. A bob that is longer than the jaw line and is styled with a fringe bang is a stunning cut for faces with a rectangle shape. This will help to soften the neckline with the appearance of feminine allure and deflect attention from the jaw line.

Heart-shaped faces and short hairstyles

Playing up the full cheekbones and slender chin will help short hair cuts flatter and accentuate heart-shaped faces. Heart-shaped faces and side-sweeping bangs are ideal for wispy, layered cuts. The width of the face will be balanced by these hairstyles.


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