Forget Pumpkins – You Need To Be Eating These Fall Vegetables

As soon as September and October arrive, everything is pumpkin spice. The entire fall vegetable spotlight is on pumpkins, but we believe it’s time to highlight the other fantastic seasonal vegetable options that are rarely used in recipes. Here are a few of our favorites!


When blended into soup—our favorite!—these may have an odd appearance and not seem all that appetizing, but they are packed with nutrients and have a rich, creamy flavor on the inside. Although we prefer to blend it up and sip it, it’s also delicious when cut in half and filled with the grains and vegetables of your choice.


This bloody vegetable has a plethora of uses; you can slice it up and roast it to make veggie chips, chop it up and add goat cheese to a salad, or mash it to make a veggie burger.
They contain other detoxifying nutrients like manganese, copper, and potassium.

bean greens

Around Thanksgiving, we always see this in a terrible casserole version. However, there are other creative ways to prepare the protein-rich vegetable, which is also known to reduce depression and boost fertility. Try using them in a chilled pasta salad chopped up!


This vegetable isn’t given much attention, but in our opinion, it belongs to the family of root vegetables. If you find potatoes to be too filling, they are a low-carb alternative. While some people are put off by their slightly bitter flavor, cooking them into a stew or tagine will mask that flavor, and you’ll soon become addicted.


You’ve been waiting for the ingredient your stir-fry has been missing. Bok Choy also tastes great, but we prefer collard greens made in the style of the South. When served with mac and cheese and mashed sweet potatoes, we’re pretty sure we could eat thirds!

Belgian sprouts

These trendy, anti-cancer greens are delicious when roasted until the edges are just beginning to crisp. If you want to satisfy your inner carnivore, you can chop up some bacon or toss them in a honey mustard dressing and top them with cranberries.


For a creative cauliflower steak entree, fry up fat cauliflower slices with garnishes. Or you could add them to a variety of soups, salads, or even your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes!


Our go-to vegetable all year round, it easily blends into salads for the fall. One can easily be cut into thin slices, then combined with lettuce, red peppers, and olive oil to make an instant salad. Also fantastic when added to risotto.


Cabbage has a lot of uses besides being a great staple for slaws and soups (hello warm Borscht when we’re frozen to the bone). You can always roast it or cut it into wedges and add some dressing to the salad. It’s even pickleable!


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