Forget Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Christmas Tree Dresses Are Here!

Christmas will be here in less than two weeks, and most of us are already in the holiday spirit. We are preparing our hot cocoa with marshmallows, putting the finishing touches on our Christmas trees, and trying to cover every inch of our home with tinsel and lights. Maybe some of you even started shopping for Christmas presents so that you wouldn’t wait until the last minute. But have you already decided what to wear? What will you wear to your holiday party? Did you intend to dress up nicely or were you planning to stick with the custom of donning ugly Christmas sweaters? I have a tip for you if you haven’t made up your mind but want to make a big impression this Christmas Sweaters: put on a Christmas tree outfit. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but if your workplace is holding a “ugly Christmas jumper” competition or you have any upcoming fancy dress events, that Christmas tree dress will get you first place.

A outfit like this eliminates the need for a Christmas tree entirely.

How many of your Christmas tree’s branches broke off? Make it a part of the clothing.

Add some branches with no leaves to complete the trendy rustic look.

With Christmas decorations as accessories, you can never go wrong.

If a Christmas tree alone isn’t festive enough, try adding some feathers.

Add a little frost to signal that it is winter to everyone.

Christmas lights can add some glitz.

Seriously, you shouldn’t attempt to wear a dress like this because you risk injuring yourself. However, it’s a really entertaining holiday ornament that may completely take the place of your tree. So go ahead and decorate your house in this odd style. Enjoy your time off this season!

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