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Fun Factory’s Black Friday Has Some Can’t-Miss Sex Toy Deals — With Up to 60 Percent Off!

Naturally, we love to take advantage of great Black Friday deals around here. In addition, we don’t cut corners on the pleasure items and sex toys we love to suggest. Fun Factory, one of our go-to ethical and environmentally conscious retailers, is currently offering discounts of up to 60% off site-wide on toys and 10% off on accessories through November 30.

There are many ways to make the most of your money here, but the following are a few items we think you simply must have during this sale:

The Limited Edition Trio by Jaz

The brand’s fun kits had to be the early standouts for the entire sale. They relieve the burden of determining how you want your fun to proceed by providing a more carefully chosen selection and combination of toys or accessories. The Jaz Limited Edition Trio was by far my favorite because it combines Liberator’s Jaz cushion, BE-ONE, a device that adds manual stimulation to oral stimulation, and NS, a clitoral stimulator, for a fraction of the price of purchasing each item separately.

Tiger’s Jewel

Jewel’s Tiger is a highlight for both vaginal and anal insertion thanks to its ribbed, flexible design (and stunning color) and rumbly penetration.

A kit called Oh Yeah, Right There

Fun Factory merged two of their favorite toys (Manta and Volta) to create their Oh Yeah, Right There kit, which offers great pleasure for anyone – regardless of what parts they have. This kit is another standout.

Share Lite Oh Yeah, Right There Kit

You can’t go wrong with a double-ended dildo for penetration enthusiasts. Share Lite is a fantastic tool for expressing yourself creatively in bed because it is made of body-safe materials and is curved for best handling (either with a partner or alone).


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