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Gemini Season Means It’s Time to Embrace Dirty Talk in Bed

Hey everyone, happy Gemini season! As the planet of communication assumes control, it’s time to exercise a few more intellectual muscles because we’ve had the entire Taurus season to hang out in a comfortable spoon cocoon. So it should come as no surprise that our sex advice for the Gemini season is naughty language! It’s time to employ the potent sexy organ living in your skull and really let your imagination run wild, from passionate murmurs in bed to naughty texts sent for LDRs (or some during business hours quarantine fun).

What planet is astrology in December 2022 to blame for?

“The dual sign of the twins, which rules Gemini, causes its energies to move quickly and frantically. Gemini, the sign that oversees communication, encourages clever wordplay and lively conversation. Gemini transits are excellent for networking and interacting with others. According to the Astrotwins, the third sign of the zodiac likewise yearns for “twin flame” and kindred spirit energy and is always up for an intellectual debate. “Gemini individuals may come across as witty and quick-witted, eager to share the hottest bits of information with their friends via text messaging and social media. Additionally, they’ll probably send you a Snapchat story just to be safe just in case.

Every sign interacts differently with each season and planet, as always! Depending on the various planets that make up your astrological profile, your chart contains a vast amount of cosmic wisdom. For a complete zodiac image, consider your sun sign (your ego, your typical horoscope sign), moon sign (your inner self, who you are when you’re drunk, depressed, or alone), ascendant/rising sign (the mask you wear, the things others might view you as), as well as your other planets. And definitely have a professional astrologer read your chart; it will be such a unique experience and they might simply blow your mind! But let’s get back to Geminis and sexy banter!

A Gemini

is not only a skilled communicator but is also highly stimulated by all the subtleties of communication because Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, is the messenger god in mythology. You can therefore increase your sex life with a good dose of that energy whether you are with or without your spouse. How do you interact with people inside and outside of the bedroom? How do you start the game? How should your partner initiate, in your opinion?

“You enjoy everything, from the flirtatious sidelong glances to the sexy texts that build to an intense sexfest. You’re totally into games. You enjoy playing them, and you find it downright dull when others don’t. The problem is that you often struggle to tell a fling from the genuine deal. You require a playmate as well as a soul partner. The flirtatious, playful things are “serious” to you. That’s something that only a select few special people are aware of, and you should pursue them.

If you don’t feel like you’ve had much practice, if you’re self-conscious, or if it just feels out of character for you, that lighthearted and flirtatious conversation may be difficult. That’s absolutely ok! But if this is something you and your spouse want to improve, don’t let it deter you. Start small: get comfortable expressing what you like, what makes you feel good, and what you want to do to or with one another. It will become simpler if you concentrate more on being present and less on engaging in “sexy” actions for your partner’s benefit.

Utilize technology

Add a hint of later fun to your “thinking of you” SMS to spice them up. Take a few pictures if you’re donning (or not donning) a particularly cute loungewear outfit (if that feels good and comfy for you), and leave space for suggestions for what you two can do later.

We love talking to each other in and out of bed to get things exactly perfect around here (obviously), but Gemini season serves as a reminder that talking itself can be entertaining and seductive (or the listening). Humans are creatures that can be aroused by a wide variety of experiences, including noises and words. Decide what you want to say and hear by giving it some thought.