Girly Fashion Ideas From Asian Fashionistas

No one is more knowledgeable about the various ways to be feminine than these seasoned fashion professionals. No matter what your mindset is, these top Asian fashionistas will inspire you to wear feminine outfits for days.

Mayo Wo

A blogger from Hong Kong named Mayo Wo (@mellowmayo) exudes a pink and dreamy vibe in all of her clothes. It’s like looking at a field of cherry blossoms and angels in one picture of her. We adore the way she combines colour and silhouette.

Chriselle Lim

It’s obvious why Chriselle Lim has just over a million followers. She is a master at being girly in dresses and suits, giving our princess fantasies a high-end runway reality.

Song Dani

Dani Song is feminine, yet not in the traditional sense. Her appearance is a little bit Almost Famous, a little bit Kanye, and a little bit Clueless. She reminds you of your cool older sister who has a look you want to copy but are too shy to ask where she shops.

Wendy Nguyen

The fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen resembles a character from The Devil Wears Prada. She is known for pairing her stylish dresses with a long statement coat and combining billowing reds and pinks for romantic, festive ensembles.

Veronica Li

We adore Veronica Li’s unique girliness, as seen in her wide-legged silk blue suit and patterned maxi dresses that clash with her bright sneakers. She also has some exquisitely styled looks and photos.

Camille Co

Everything is a tiny bit of on Camille’s page. From inspired fashion trends that are anything but boring are one thing that is difficult to ignore. For instance, a semi-sheer turtleneck worn over a slinky lime green spaghetti strap dress.

Diana Horsfall

This monarch makes classic styles seem timeless. She experiments with monochrome outfits that combine pleated skirts and blazers, and her style frequently references earlier eras in Europe. She wants to live in Paris, so this makes sense!

Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

This mother-creative Chinese-American is known for her effortless elegance and parent-friendly sensibilities. From innocent cream dresses to gowns with a maximalist flower print, this lady rocks it all. Even her simple outfits, like a cream off-the-shoulder shirt worn with velvet skinnies, are stunning.

Wang Jean

Jean always has such polished, feminine, yet understated looks. The fact that they are available and not simply for some 90-pound diva to be rocking in California is the best part. She frequently wears various skirt styles with long sleeved tops. This easy approach always works for her by changing the silhouette. Take a shot at it!

Kat Tanita

A lifestyle blogger with serious style, Kat Tanita Kat is essentially the human equivalent of the dancing girl in the red dress emoji.

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