Gorgeous Hair Color Trends You’ll See Everywhere In 2018

Which of the popular hair colors listed above will you try out first in 2018?

Rose-colored tint

This shade offers a pastel alternative to the popular pink among millennials this year. If you’re not quite ready to go bold or neon just yet, Kylie Jenner tested it out, and it’s the ideal, Instagrammable way to introduce yourself to color.

chilly silver tones

Think more ice queen of the winter, less grandmother hair. This is really flattering on all skin tones and falls somewhere between white and silver. You can pull off the look like Kim Kardashian did, she showed.

Highlights in caramel

This isn’t the most daring style, but it may give depth, lighten your appearance, and accentuate your shine. For fair-skinned women, this might not be the ideal look, but for women with darker skin tones, it will turn heads.

Soft Lavender/Pink Washes

An elegant and funky appearance that is similar to rose gold yet slightly different. You can either go all lavender or blend these in with your hair. You can experiment with the tones; are you more into deep purple or do you prefer frosty tones? works nicely with both cold and warm skin tones and makeup.

Creamy Blonde

Mmm. We feel like a croissant after seeing this! A healthy, creamy light blond that resembles butter is known as buttery blond. This is the neat, slightly preppy look you need to try out right now if you detest dirty blonde hair.

Dark Blonde

Ashy blond is the way to go if dirty blond is more your style and you prefer greyish wisps as an undertone. If you’re having trouble deciding between cool silver and buttery brown tones, this is the look to start with because it’s what we consider to be a halfway ground between the two. a little older than the prior blond, perhaps.

Metal Ombre

It’s a fiery look for sure, but it’s not over yet, so if you start to feel bashful, just wrap it up in a bun! You can experiment with a balayage as well. It’s a red variety with overtones of orange and brown. This shade is ideal for the winter since it reminds people of a roaring fire.

Crow Black

This resembles jet black. Blackest shade imaginable. The greatest hair for this look is long, razor-angled hair with huge, bouncy curls or dead straight hair. Great with a strong black eyeliner and nude gloss on pale complexion tones. Although a little harsh, this look is perfect for edgy women.

Violet Black Tinted

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a softer black. This has a somewhat purple undertone, and Jourdan Dunn rocked it beautifully. It avoids creepy purple hair zone because to the faint hue, which also provides dull black a shiny lift.


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