GrannyHair Is The Silver Ombre Trend Breaking The Internet

Grey ombre certainly elevates the already intense trend of ombre hair to new heights. The least traditional trend you’ll see all day is #grannyhair, and it’s being worn by all the stylish fashionistas. The appearance is elegant with extra depth and is anything but matronly, making it ideal for people with layered hair or darker skin tones who are apprehensive to try a brighter shade. You’ll be itching to go silver after seeing these stunning women.

1. While ombre can sometimes look good on pin straight hair, this goth ombre beauty’s waves offer dimension to the edgy, mermaid-inspired style. Such a delicate magic.

2. This chrome cutie is rocking a kickass half bun with her silver feline ‘do while letting her choppy beneath tresses fall in the wind. We adore how the transition from black to gray is less pronounced in this particular shade of gray.

3. Grey hair and a septum ring have never looked better. Her upper strands had grey threads braided into the black. Although we’re accustomed to seeing this on longer hair, this babe wears a shorter lob with no hesitation.

4. Yaass. the silver gray hair that had been combed countless times before this crucial photo shoot. The upper peaks start higher and closer to her scalp, giving her a very sleek appearance that nearly resembles sound waves. Long and lovely, I Love My Pony grannyhair is the silver ombre fad that is sweeping the internet.

5. How to design a silver ombre ponytail in the ideal and perhaps the only way possible. We are very envious of this style because of the stunning darker undercut, the faultless smooth side braid, and the relaxed low-hanging cool-girl vibe.

6. Is there anything more distinctive than silver ombre hair? After that, have it braided perfectly. Look at the gorgeous silver waterfall. She is fly and she knows it from the look on her face.

7. This style is a little more LA and less gothic. Love this grey’s lavender undertone and how precisely the die was applied on top. also We adore this style because it adds even more complexity to an already intricate look with its cascading layers and wispy side bangs.

8. This charming rendition is less stark and dramatic but just as cute for the adorable good girl who’s a little hesitant to cover her entire head in silver. If you will, the ombre style is for insecure indie girls.and Love it with a center part and a gray hue that is more matte than silver.

9. This babe has really embraced the granny role and shows no remorse. The majority of it is composed of silvery, tendrily, lovely hippy strands of gray infused with black nuances and undertones. And with that floral headpiece? This is a style that we can support.


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