Hair Trends For The New Year – Kick Off 2019 In Style

All ladies want glowing, luscious hair that looks its best, healthy skin, and pearly white teeth. Knowing what to do with your hair in 2019—whether you’re considering long hair, short hair, bangs, or highlights—is crucial as 2018 is quickly coming to an end. We’re here to walk you through some of the most popular updos and trends right now so you can avoid a messy situation and maintain your Beyonce-like appearance.

Ladies with Long, Healthy Hair:

Long hair is always in style. Long hair is always stylish, classy, and ageless, whether it is black, blonde, red, or brown. Additionally, anyone of any age can pull it off. The face is framed by long, straight hair, and adding low-maintenance bangs adds flair. On long hair, a tidy, smoothed-back ponytail is also stylish. The best part is making the appearance your own by playing around with the bangs by pushing them back or forward.


While having long hair with bangs can definitely change the game, it also looks great with short, cool-meets-cute hairstyles. Short hair is simple to maintain; you can stop using the hair tie and be sure that it will look fantastic both in the summer and the winter. Any face shape can benefit from bangs, which also instantly update and elevate your appearance. Additionally, it increases your sex appeal.

80s Haircuts

Nothing compares reviving the carefree, beachy, and sparkling 80s style with its enormous curls and waves. The key to having a full head of curly hair is adding volume and bounce to your appearance.

Hair is all the same length and color.

You cannot go wrong with hair that is all the same length and one color. Its versatility and ability to be parted in numerous ways give you the assurance that you can be any kind of female, whether you want to be a memorable house party guest, a beach bunny looking for her soul mate energizer bunny, or a nightclub goer with a glamorous vibe.

Bun Haircuts

We can all recall wearing sweatpants to school, doing lipstick, and wearing our hair in a high bun with strands hanging to the side. When perfected into a safe, firm bun that sits atop your head, this is a carefree appearance. With a few bobby pins, you can create a top knot on your own that looks flawlessly groomed and effortless. You may have also noticed that models frequently wear this outfit on the runway since it looks great when accessorized with long earrings.

Untidy Buns

We discussed how to leave the sloppy bun behind and achieve the high bun, which sits exactly on your head with all of your hair neatly arranged. Actually, the messy bun doesn’t indicate that your hair is untidy. With some hair in the front and most of the hair parted down the middle, it is a low-sitting bun. It is the expression Megan Markle wore when competing in Wimbledon.


How can we leave behind the 70s era of belle bottoms and scruffy hair, done differently in modern times, if the 80s appearance with the curls wasn’t missed? With some highlights applied in between the layers, shaggy is in. Because the hair is loose and soft through the ends, shaggy hair is beautiful because it is simple to style. Shaggy hair with a washed-out appearance is the way to go if you’ve always wanted to make a statement.

Bandanas and scarves

This fashion is really practical and is gaining a lot of popularity. There are no rules, and it can be a fringe or a festive look. It can be bold, striped, or polka-dotted. Simply fold the scarf in a band shape, about 3 cm wide, with the centre at the nape of the neck. Then, bring the band around the side of the hairline and tie it above the hairline. You are welcome to add a bow for some added cuteness or just leave it as is. The ideal formula if you feel your hair is not looking its best.


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