Helena Bonham Carter And Her Unique Street Style

In fact, we’d say that Helena Bonham Carter is quite a character herself. She’s no stranger to playing odd roles. She speaks in an incredibly unusual way, always sports a dishevelled, voluminous haircut, and constantly sticks out at red carpet events because to her distinctive sense of style. However, if you’re a fan of Helena Bonham Carter, you probably already know that she’s rather quirky in real life as well. Even when she’s far from Hollywood’s glitz and shine, camera flashes, and red carpets, she still dresses in an extremely odd way. In the best sense, we mean unusual.

We’d like to highlight some of Helena’s best street style here because she has a unique sense of fashion. Remember that even Helena is aware of her “too much” gene, which causes her to put on everything at once. She truly could put on a few too many things, so in the past, her spouse would constantly urge her to take off a few garments before she walked outdoors. Here are some of Helena’s unusual ensembles that we really like because we find them to be endearing and eccentric and because we support self-expression.

1. Helena Bonham Carter can be seen here celebrating Freddie Mercury’s birthday on the streets of London. She has a great moustache, and her entire look is stylish yet unassuming.

2. Helena obviously favours this coat because she frequently wears it and does so with a plush scarf. She just looks really nice, don’t you think? The sunglasses and hairstyle add to the look.

3. She also enjoys headwear, and we’re not just talking about beanies. No, those are reserved for Coldplay fans. Helena Bonham Carter goes bold with her hat choices.

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4. She frequently wears floral dresses and scarves as well, but she usually combines them with something to make the entire appearance more grungy rather than just floral and pretty, such as a cardigan or a pair of military boots.

5. Helena loves to layer her clothing, and she frequently dons looks with Victorian influences. This outfit of a white dress, hat, and coat is adorable.

6. This clothing definitely wouldn’t look the same on anyone else, but Helena looks great in it. It turns out that if you’re Helena Bonham Carter, you can look fierce wearing a huge red floral skirt with a black jacket, a gingham scarf, and some type of fingerless glove ensemble.

7.Let it be known that Helena is the queen of fantastic coats right here. She just has a knack for choosing them. See how fantastic this one is? What is that that can be seen from underneath? That is, in fact, a floral dress.

8. Including this might be cheating because it’s obviously an outfit for a TV interview, but we couldn’t help ourselves. That velvet coat and that amazing mesh dress are just too lovely to keep to yourself.

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