Here’s What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Your coffee order may seem like just another part of your daily routine to get you pumped up, but it actually reveals a lot about you. The most consumed beverage in the world (apart from water) is coffee, and according to experts in human behavior, knowing someone’s coffee order can actually tell you a lot about them.

1. Dark brew coffee

A cup of black coffee is a daring and unfussy option. Since they are aware that this drink is a low-calorie option, those who enjoy it are apparently single-minded or fitness-oriented. Black coffee drinkers are frequently independent, focused, and resolute, but perhaps at the expense of being self-centered.

2. Latte

The latte, which blends steamed milk with a single or double shot of espresso, is a little more opulent than black coffee. Both devoted coffee drinkers and coffee novices appreciate this middle-of-the-road, straightforward brew. A latte drinker isn’t very risk-taking or extremely adventurous, but they frequently have a laid-back attitude.

3. Coffee

Similar to black coffee, but in a different way, espresso is bold. A person who orders an espresso is confident, courageous, and robust because it is never diluted or made milder with milk. Whiskey straight up is frequently preferred by the same type of person, making this a well-liked beverage for a no-nonsense someone who is definite and doesn’t enjoy playing games.

4. Caffeine

A cappuccino drinker is frequently thought of as entertaining by their friend and is slightly more daring than someone who orders a latte at a coffee shop. They are often open-minded and enjoy stepping a little outside of their comfort zone. A cappuccino lover is frequently excited to acquire a new skill or go to a new location.

iced coffee, 5.

Many of us like iced coffee in the summer, whether it’s black or flavored with a little cream and sugar. However, there is something unique about customers who request iced coffee in the cold; they are outcasts, and we mean that in the nicest sense. In frigid weather, anyone who orders iced coffee defies convention. They only follow their own rules and are frequently seen having fun in the rain as others try to avoid it.

Flat White 6.

The only difference between a flat white and a cortado is the texture of the milk; a flat white has a little more froth. People who order this drink consider themselves to be sophisticated because it has a strong coffee flavor and an acquired taste. The person who enjoys a flat white is frequently opinionated, talkative, and maybe even arrogant.

7. Mocha

Although the mocha is lovely, does it actually qualify as coffee? It combines delectable chocolate with coffee and milk, frequently has a garnish, and is frequently Instagrammed. It’s possible that the person drinking this is flamboyant, outgoing, and maybe a little boisterous. In other words, until they show there, the part hasn’t begun.

Cortado 8.

A cortado, for those who don’t know, is an exact 1:1 mixture of espresso and milk. A cortado drinker loves structure and likes to believe their thoughts are important. They might not be the most adaptable people either. For coffee lovers, a cortado is a lesser-known beverage, making the person knowledgeable. They at least believe they are intelligent.

9. Coffee with pumpkin spice

This beverage is widely shared on social media throughout the fall. Known as “simple peoplefavorite, “‘s a PSL consumer enjoys a trend and isn’t ashamed of it. People that enjoy this beverage often struggle with low self-esteem and a need for approval. They seek acceptance, and this hot fall beverage serves as an extra layer of solace for people who lack confidence.

10. Flavored syrup in coffee

You can never predict how one of these will turn out. The drink could be ruined by the barista adding too much or too little. So, this person is not afraid of taking a chance. Given the trust people have in the person making their drink, they are also by nature trustworthy. Since they are eager to experiment despite not knowing how their coffee will end out, they are also innovative.

11. Tea

The tea drinkers are the last group. The world appears to be split into two groups, coffee lovers and tea lovers, despite the fact that it is not coffee. Tea drinkers are frequently composed and grounded people who practice self-care and reflection. They enjoy their routines as well.

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