How 18-Year-Old’s Prom Dress Lands Her A Now Viral Photoshoot At The Washington Monument

This past June saw Jasmine Dauphine graduate from high school in Washington, D.C., but there was one opportunity she regrettably missed out on: her senior prom. Jasmine’s prom was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, and all of her prom aspirations might have been for naught. Jasmine, however, had a strategy to improve a less than ideal circumstance. She eventually manifested a full-fledged professional, high-fashion photoshoot from a complete stranger, providing her an incredible alternative prom experience that she will undoubtedly never forget.

Jasmine decided to try and make the most of it and still go dress up to celebrate after she learned her senior prom, a significant milestone that she’d been planned for since her sophomore year, had been cancelled. She changed into her prom attire and chose the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial as the perfect backdrop for some standard smartphone photos. I really wanted my prom pictures to seem like a work of art since I adore art, said Jasmine.

Jasmine’s sister consented to accompany her to the historical sites so that they could take pictures of her prom attire. With the orange dress, I knew I would be able to pop the way I wanted to, so I chose this location because I wanted something elegant and artistic to look at, Jasmine stated. They were about to depart when Sara Isabella Ortiz, a wedding photographer, noticed them.

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Jasmine’s fashionable appearance really captured Sara’s attention, and she requested permission to take her picture. Jasmine concurred, and Sara captured numerous breathtaking images of the teenager wearing her jaw-dropping, red carpet-quality prom dress. The photographer captured some extremely stunning pictures of Jasmine, and they quickly went viral online. More than 580,000 people have liked, retweeted, and left thousands of nice comments on her magnificent pictures on Twitter in honour of Jasmine’s beauty and exquisite sense of style.

The fact that so many people saw it and found it appealing completely eluded me. I’m glad I got to share my dress with so many people, Jasmine added.

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