How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Not all of us are able to have facials right now, but are nonetheless battling with skin problems like blackheads. Removing blackheads at home isn’t as hard as it seems. There are plenty of gadgets, masks, and other treatments you can employ at home to make sure your skin is as clear as ever, quarantine or not.

What are blackheads?

To get rid of blackheads, it helps to know what they are. Technically, it’s not a blackhead — it’s termed an open comedone. These irritating little fellas are an oxidized combination of dead skin cells and oil. When exposed to air, this combination oxidizes, which causes them turn black.

Get squeaky clean

Always cleanse first — but what you’re cleansing with might have a serious effect on blackheads, shockingly. Use a face wash that contains salicylic acid to help slough off those dead skin cells and prevent pores from getting clogged. You can also use a face mask with salicylic acid to help on acne.

Remember to exfoliate

To remove blackheads properly, you constantly need to exfoliate. You can do this with two different kinds of glycolic acids: AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids and BHAS, or beta hydroxy acids. You can even apply this with a skin brush, an electric-based system as Clarisonic provides, or the popular Forea brush. You can also take it a further step and undergo a chemical peel treatment, which removes the top layer of skin, but is more typically utilized for anti-aging purposes.

Use a face mask

There are lots of various masks that you can use to get eliminate pimples and cleanse pores. There’s even a face mask for blackheads particularly. Here are the several masks that we propose putting into your routine to say goodbye to those blackheads.

Pore cleaning masks

With blocked pores come blackheads, so why not invest in some face masks that specifically work on cleaning up those ugly pores? When pores are clogged or ingested, they might look larger and can contribute to hyperpigmentation and acne. Whether you’re looking for a face mask to eradicate pimples or a pore-cleansing mask, there are distinct substances to look out for.

Clay mask

This blackhead removal mask works best on oily skin. Clay formula grasp onto oil, grime and other disgusting substances under your skin. Try to choose a face mask that contains sulfur. Sulfur can assist to clean clogged pores and break down dead skin cells, which is essentially what blackheads are made of. You might be wondering: does this face mask reduce pimples? The short answer is yes. It dries out the impurities to draw them out, and since acne thrives in dampness, utilizing clay can help reduce acne.

Charcoal mask

Another helpful face mask for blackheads and pimples is charcoal. Charcoal has natural cleansing effects, pulling out deep poisons and other impurities. Since this particular ingredient might be a bit drying, we adore charcoal in a gel mask version like this one, since it detoxifies and hydrates at once. You can also invest in a charcoal sheet mask reducing blackheads on the go.

Matcha mask

If you’re looking for a face mask to remove pimples, invest in a famous coffeehouse beverage, but on your skin instead of in your gut this time. Matcha detoxes the system, with pore-cleansing power, and also decreases redness and acne since it is anti-inflammatory by nature. Matcha is also antimicrobial, which keeps acne from building up. We adore this green tea matcha mud mask to tackle both congested pores and acne.

Blackhead removal tips

1. Don’t just leave your blackheads exposed once they’re cleaned -try to wash with cold or lukewarm water to seal them back up.

2. In more severe situations, choose a retinoid removal lotion. Retinoids target blackheads and pores by lowering adhesion of the cells that plug them. This lotion can also boost the pace of skin renewal.

3. Don’t use comedogenic products. Noncomedogenic meaning that it won’t produce clogged pores. Read labels carefully.

4. If you’re attempting a DIY extraction, never use your nails, which can puncture skin. Being gentle is the most crucial. If you pick, scratch or use nails to extract, you can permanently scar. Instead, place your hands wider than the blackhead, so your hands aren’t exactly on them when you squeeze.

5. Avoid using over-the-counter acne spot treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide. considering this medication doesn’t work with all sorts of acne. While it helps reduce swelling which is useful for pimples, blackheads are not considered inflammatory therefore this product might merely worsen skin.


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