How To Style A Skirt This Summer

Our legs are in desperate need of sunlight for many of us. Throw those pants in the closet and get back in touch with your skirts and dresses now that we can finally get that dosage of vitamin D. There are a tonne of fashion suggestions for both modern and vintage-inspired ensembles to show off your feminine side this summer if you’re unclear of how to wear this item in 2021.

1. Consider a midi skirt

The perfect transitional skirt, midi skirts have a hem that sits halfway between a maxi skirt and a tiny skirt. This style of skirt accentuates your curves by making your waist appear slimmer. Put on a silk tank or a vintage tee with it.

2. Wear it with a white t-shirt.

This works well with bold clothing items like patterned, striped, or polka-dotted skirts. This outfit can be made more polished without being overdone with a white t-shirt and perhaps even some white tennis shoes. The ideal fusion of cute and comfortable.

3. Attempt some pleats.

Pleated is always a fashionable choice, regardless of the length you choose. It has an old-school cheerleader atmosphere in the shorter version, and if you go a little longer, it has a swoon-worthy recreation of bygone ages. There’s something about this look that just shouts summer; try it out with a floral or pastel top.

4. Add texture

For shorter women who wish to appear taller, a button front silhouette is a great method to add texture and length. A button-up shirt can make it look more put together, while a simple shirt can make it look more casual.

5. Go bohemian

Boho-chic and gypsy maxis are timeless; embrace your inner flower child by wearing a colourful, flowing maxi skirt with a tight bodysuit or looser shirt underneath. Ideal is a band t-shirt. Perhaps even a crop top will do. In order to prolong this look, we advise wedges.

6. To add some edge, pair it with sneakers.

Although you can always wear heels or sandals with a skirt, wearing sneakers provides a chic lady edge like never before. Even a pair of worn-out Converse can give your outfit flair and increase comments. Both day and night are appropriate for it.

7. Try out some pencil skirts.

In modern times, pencil skirts are less restricting and more flexible and stretchy, made of materials like knit and cotton. Pencil skirts were fashionable in previous decades. Both casual and formal outfits can be paired with them, as this black silk top. It never gets blown up by the wind, and it’s always stylish.

8. Do not be intimidated by volume

In 2021, ballroom gowns won’t exactly be popular, especially since many of us won’t need to travel anywhere. But as an alternative, think of tulle, which can be worn alone for a ballerina-inspired style or underneath single-layer skirts.

9. Wear it with a jean jacket

When the weather is warm, sweaters are worn. Avoid overheating by wearing a jean jacket instead. A jean jacket, whether cropped or baggy, adds just the appropriate amount of casualness to a skirt while maintaining an elegant look for the evening.

10. Belt it

This style can be done using a thin, thick, or even a ribbon belt. Never be frightened to be imaginative! Without the use of jewellery or expensive shoes, this tightened look may suck in your waist, making it appear smaller while highlighting your hips and giving an outfit a more polished appearance.

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