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How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

You probably don’t want to let the chance for love pass you by just because you two don’t reside in the same place if you’ve found someone with whom you connect. Even if you only see someone a few times a month, you can still have a happy, healthy connection with them (or even a year). Even yet, maintaining a long-distance relationship needs effort, and you must take measures to ensure that you and your spouse still feel connected even though you are separated by distance.

We turned to life and relationship coach Kavita Patel for guidance on how to handle a long-distance relationship; in this article, she offers advice for couples on how frequently to see one another, how to feel connected when you aren’t physically together, and how to communicate whether you are together or apart. The key lesson? She asserted that emotional support and connection were crucial in long-distance relationships. “It is powerful to maintain a feeling of intimacy flowing to keep in touch and involve each other in daily sentiments and situations.”

Life and relationship counselor Kavita Patel assists people in finding and sustaining love.

Tips for Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship: 50 Long-Distance Relationship Ideas That Will Guarantee to Keep the Spark Alive
Take the Phone
“Keeping in touch is crucial in a long-distance relationship. Since so much information can be lost in translation when communicating via text, talking on the phone and FaceTiming are the best options, according to Patel. Avoid falling into the trap of using texts exclusively throughout your hectic day instead of picking up the phone. Make time for lengthy discussions where you can both hear one other’s voices and see each other’s faces.

Talk both during the day and at night.

It’s also crucial to check in in the mornings and the nights before bed, according to Patel. “In this manner, you get a sense of connection at the start and conclusion of each day. You will feel like a part of each other’s days even though you are not physically present with each other in this way.

Because you would typically be alone together in the mornings and evenings in a long-distance relationship, those are also the times of day when you might feel the most lonely. Additionally, a lot of emotional issues can arise for us in a single day, so having those check-ins can be comforting. The strength of the partnership is truly demonstrated by having that emotional support.

Meet frequently in person

As frequently as you can, see each other, according to Patel. “I know that depending on the distance, it could seem difficult, but it’s crucial.” The aim, according to her, is to meet up in person at least once every three months. If you can arrange to visit each other once a month, that would be ideal.

Always plan your next excursion

It’s crucial to always be aware of when you will next meet in person. Knowing the exact day you will see each other again will give you both something to look forward to at all times. Knowing exactly how long you have until the next meeting will help you when times are tough.

Visit one another where you both reside

It can be tempting to arrange wonderful, exciting vacations to visit each other when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Alternatively, it can seem sensible to meet halfway between the two places you call home. However, Patel advised that you also pay each other a visit where you both reside. To better understand how each other’s daily lives are managed, she advised making journeys to visit each other where you both reside.

Ask each other how they are feeling

Patel advised, “Show your concern and willingness to be there through it all.” Ask something like, “How can I help you?” What do you most urgently require from me at this time? What mood are you in? “These questions enable the individual who is feeling disassociated to consider and express what is truly at the core of their feelings and thoughts. It demonstrates concern for the person asking and clarifies what is most important for them to reestablish connection and affection.

Plan ahead for any necessary visits.

Patel advised scheduling a visit to see each other if one spouse is experiencing loneliness or a sense of alienation: “If one person is feeling disconnected then it’s time to see one another as soon as possible.”

Gifts Surprise One Another

It’s crucial to express your thoughts in original ways when you aren’t physically present with each other, according to Patel. Get flowers delivered to her if you know she would enjoy them, she advised. “Get food brought to them as if you were there looking after them if you know he is feeling under the weather.”

Do Not Resist Sexting

Sending sexual texts, or sexting, may seem like something that only young, newlywed couples do, but Patel said that it may be a terrific way to keep the romance alive. It’s crucial to choose a time when you can both participate in these activities.

For instance, don’t sext someone who is anxiously getting ready for a big meeting at work.

Get Serious about Facetime

Set aside some time for romance as a pair, even if it’s only virtual, advised Patel. “You can FaceTime and get intimate that way, so you are both connected with one other to keep that attraction alive,” he said.

Talk About It If Anything Seems Off “If something has changed in the relationship, it’s crucial to start wondering if you two are on the same page and have the difficult conversation of whether it’s time to let the relationship go,” said Patel. “Ask what is different and what has changed.” If you think there might be someone else, she advised you to inquire about them as well. Embrace your gut feeling.

Put each other first.

Since long-distance relationships require work, it’s crucial that both partners are willing to put that work in and prioritize their relationship. When one person stops choosing the other, marriage is no longer worthwhile, according to Patel. “It’s crucial to work through that if someone starts to remove themselves, refuses to commit to plans, or begins to withdraw. It’s essential that both parties have a sense of priority in whatever methods they find satisfying.


She continued, “It’s also incredibly crucial that each person in the relationship is conscious of what they need most or what makes the relationship feel good when particular words, events, or acts take place. To put it another way, it’s critical to understand oneself in order to communicate to a partner what is important to you and what you require for this relationship to work. She continued, “You can’t just give the other person all your happiness without providing them a guide to your heart.

Consider the Good

A long-distance relationship has a lot of advantages, according to Patel. Because you aren’t constantly together, she explained, “the lovely thing about long distance relationships is that you won’t take each other for granted.” It can seem new and refreshing to see and be with someone. When you’re feeling down, lonely, or frustrated, keep in mind that long distance relationships have certain advantages over those shared-location relationships.

Keep in Mind the Moments

Whatever method you use to connect, it can be effective. For instance, a FaceTime conversation can be just as significant as a dinner date because the other person is physically present. Try to be present in the moment no matter how you are coming together. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you value and enjoy every moment a lot more, according to Patel. Whether you are connecting in person or digitally, that is true.

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