How To Trim Your Eyebrows Without Messing Them Up

Your face depends on your brows, but there are instances when you simply don’t have the time to see a specialist. We offer some advice to make the process less scary if you only need to trim a few hairs subtly before filling in.

1) Use a spoolie to comb hair in the direction that it naturally grows. Without touching your shape, just brush the front portion up and give it a very slight trim.

2) Avoid combing all of your hair upward; doing so results in odd dips and scant patches that take months to fill out.

3) Pause for a moment to reflect before moving on. It can be simple to simply keep maintaining your brows until you have none left at all.

4) Spend money on an angled pair of eyebrow scissors and a mascara wand. If you’re on a budget, you can even use curved nail scissors.

5) Tweezing should occasionally be used in place of trimming; this is the ideal interim advice in between trim sessions.

6) Use a standard mirror rather than a magnifying mirror to tweeze or trim. When using a magnifying mirror, you could unintentionally remove too much hair.

7) You’ll have more control over your brow form and the finished product the smaller the scissors are.

8) Recognize the contour of your eyebrows. Softly rounded brows are preferable than cutting round or angular brows if you have a square jaw, and powerful brows will overpower a heart-shaped face.

9) Not trimming in natural light might also lead to excessive hair removal. Always endeavor to groom your brows in daylight; if you do, simply fill in the excess with a pencil or powder.

10) Use a mascara brush to brush your brows, not an old toothbrush. An infection may occur from doing so.

11) To avoid creating gaps in your brows, always trim along the natural line of the hairs that extend above the top line.


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