How to Work Out With Your Dog

Although we will always hold a special place in our hearts for our dogs, should they also occupy a prominent position on our exercise mats? Fitness expert Jess Sims from Peloton believes so, and we tend to concur. After all, when it comes to our exercise routine, we’re always seeking for new methods to mix things up.

Jess Sims explains how to exercise with your dog, regardless of whether your goal is to simply get more exercise or to incorporate your constantly nipping companion into your routine.

You might be asking why you should think about working out with your pet before we get into the specifics. It’s much more than simply some one-on-one time, says Sims, who recently teamed with dog food company Acana (although that is also appreciated). According to a survey by Acana, so many dog owners (72%) believe that getting a dog has increased their level of activity. In fact, a 2019 study discovered that weekly walking time for dog owners was 200 minutes longer than for non-dog owners.

Sims tells Prevention, “When you think about it all last year, specifically with the pandemic, so many of my friends would say, Oh my god, I haven’t been outside in three days.” “Dogs assist set boundaries because you are compelled to take a break from work; you have no other alternative. And going outside is just so pleasant.

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Here’s how to include your dog in your workout, whether it’s a quick walk or a more strenuous bodyweight exercise.

Take a walk

Sims is the lucky owner of two adored rescue dogs named Sienna Grace and Shiloh, so she is well-versed on the advantages of exercising with your dog. Sims’ pets even made a few appearances during her workouts on the Peloton app in the early days of COVID-19.

Go for a hike

If you’re wondering how Sims and her two dogs stay active (when Sims isn’t cranking out insane Peloton exercises), she adores going for a stroll. The trainer explains, “Right now, we keep it relatively simple. We spend a lot of time strolling through Central Park and Morningside Park in Harlem. We therefore enjoy being outside. That is the main portion of our workout.

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Incorporate them into your bodyweight exercises

You may make an exercise as easy or challenging as you choose. Bodyweight exercises are my favourite. Sims says, “Time under pressure is what it’s all about. She advises giving a squat countdown a try. “Do a squat, count to three, two, one, and quickly get up. Then you can ask for your dog to stand up and give your dog a kiss whenever you squat down. Pushups and even burpees should be performed in the same manner, she advises; just watch out for your dog becoming overexcited and obstructing the exercise. Always put your own and your pet’s safety first.

Don’t forget about cooldowns

Our pets, like us, require time to rest after strenuous exercise such as long walks. “Dogs must rest, especially in the summertime. Making ensuring the dogs are well-hydrated is something that is really vital.

Sims concludes by advising that the most crucial thing for both of you is to simply keep moving and to do what works for you and your canine companion.

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