Human Anatomy-Inspired Bags, Purses, And Shoes Designed By Konstantin Kofta

Fashion is difficult and complex to understand. There are many artists who present work that is utterly incomprehensible while presenting themselves as imaginative, talented, and extremely original designers. Literally. Is it really so hard to distinguish between clever and strange? You’ll know this guy is brilliant after looking at his works. Konstantin Kofta is a fashion designer based in Kiev.

He creates intriguing, extraordinary, and occasionally spooky shoes and accessories that are inspired by the human body as well as various organic components like trees, roots, and stones. His creations are genuinely one-of-a-kind because the accessories are defying convention while still maintaining their usefulness and understated, elegant appearance. They are cozy to wear and use.

The young designer prefers to use conventional manufacturing techniques when making his products. Each accessory is the product of a great deal of effort, experimentation, and careful handling of the materials. It represents a distinct design and idea.
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Different elements serve as the inspiration for each of his collections. For instance, there is a line of accessories with the themes “hug,” “born,” and “roots” that embody anatomical aesthetics and incorporate very realistically implanted skin, bones, hands, and feet in the various accessories. Although it may appear frightening at first glance, wearing the items can actually cause wearers to feel unimaginable emotions. What a cool thing!

Check out the eerie collection of moulded leather clutches and bags from the spring/summer 2014 season. These items, which draw inspiration from the countryside of Ukraine, literally rile up the fashion world with their unusual appearance while remaining practical and elegant. Any of these can liven up your casual appearance and draw attention.

Another obscure collection that draws inspiration from the entire Periodic Table of Elements is “Platonic solids.” These 3-D shapes make for very understated-looking accessories. These underground designs are impossible to resist falling in love with.

You’ll also adore these unique pieces from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection that spiritualize the shapes and architectural details found on building facades. These shapes, curves, and colours are absolutely stunning and instantly pleasing to the eye.

Konstantin, who is in his late twenties, is well-liked by fashion designers who specialize in leather goods.
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