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I Tried These App-Controlled Sex Toys & They’re Perfect for Long-Distance Partners or Solo Play

Whatever your preferences, there are countless ways to utilize remote-controlled sex devices, including hands-free, individual or joint activities (up close or long distance). The versatility of toys that you can control via an app feels especially fun and futuristic (provided you don’t mind yourself or your partner being sort of on the phone during sex). There are a ton of smart as heck toys on the market that offer inventive and exciting ways to amp up your masturbation or bedroom routines.

Recently, the Satisfyer team sent me a few of their app-friendly toys, so my partner and I decided to test out a few (for science). I’m here to provide you a rundown of a couple of their app-controlled sex toys that you could want to buy right away, in addition to conducting significant independent research.

Here is some information about the app before we discuss the toys: The sexual wellness software Satisyer Connect, which is really simple to use and offers a range of various functions to pair with your toy, is connected to all of these toys via bluetooth. Several pre-programmed functions, ranging from subtle and tease-y to more intense, as well as a setting that syncs up with your music (seriously!) and a setting to hop on a virtual video or audio call with your partner to hand control over, are available. You or your partner can live control or program the device to create your own custom session, which you can save and revisit later. Along with the story you’re listening to, they also have a new series of Remotyca (remote controlled erotica) accessible.

We tried the latter out with a partner who was further away, and it was fairly simple to connect (you just need to know each other’s usernames, but your privacy and security is totally a priority). Once we decided who got to be in charge, it was a fairly enjoyable phone/video call because the connection stayed strong and the added physical interaction (even though they weren’t physically present) was a really fun way to make the distance feel less distant. highly suggestable

Curvy 2+

Curvy 2+, which is also available in a Curvy 3+ generation, was unquestionably my favorite of the three I tested. It’s a pressure wave toy with a built-in vibration feature that provides stimulation ranging from buzzy and scrumptious to OMG WTF-intense. It can be used without an app or connected for you or your companion. Although it’s not the most optimal of the suction devices I’ve used in terms of shape (a touch larger than you’d anticipate) and placement (right on top), the clitoral stimulator really, really works and is incredibly quiet the entire time.

The highest high is really high, so you and your partner will want to troubleshoot and discuss what feels good vs. too much as you go. Pro-tip: The suction turned up higher and the vibration slightly lower is a wild 10/10 sensation.


Personally, I don’t usually enjoy penetrative rabbit vibes, but Mono Flex is a G-spot and clitoral vibe that is a strong candidate for people who really enjoy that dual stimulation. It has two motors and two control tracks to control the clitoral stimulator and G-spot stimulation, and it is waterproof and app-enabled.

Pro-Tip: Because it has a bit of a stronger vibe, I suggest using your favorite toy-friendly lube—I adore her, by the way—for this one to ensure a smooth ride from beginning to end (no matter how many of you choose).

Triangle of Love

Last but not least, of all the Satisfyer toys I tried out, Love Triangle was the smallest and by far the most covert. It’s another air-pulsing, pressure-wave toy that gently vibrates while stimulating your clitoris (or nipples, follow your heart!). It’s neither the smallest or the easiest to use for hands-free gaming, but it is without a doubt the MVP for travel because it comes with a cute little cap to store it discreetly and silently while you’re on the road. Although I would undoubtedly choose the Curvy 2+ as my first pick in the draft, this vibrator is mild and has the least aggressive appearance of any vibrator I’ve ever had.

Pro-tip: I’d endorse this toy’s suction power in a heartbeat, but Satisfyer’s Little Secret is also available if you’re seeking for a more covert (play responsibly, youngsters!) or conventionally wearing choice.

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