IG Fitness Queen Loses Over 140 Lbs, Helps Others Lose Weight

We are compelled to peruse false body ideals on our Instagram “Explore” page every day, whether they are posted by the newest fitness influencers or fashion bloggers. Instead of this cartoonish ideal that resembles Jessica Rabbit more than a genuine person, women need to see more realistic representations of themselves. A body positive role model for the plus-size community and her nearly 300,000 Instagram followers is Laura Morgan from Wisconsin.

Laura just so happens to work for Balance Athletica, a family-run business rather than some corporate fitness craze. Its clothing is made with the goal of empowering people and helping them “feel comfortable in their own skin.” Balance is essential to our lives, and Laura helps people find it. It’s literally in the name.

Although some people might view Laura as overweight, she has actually dropped a huge amount of weight—more than 140 pounds, to be exact. But Laura isn’t talking about a target weight. She instead values balance, just like the company she works for. She claims that the mere fact that she could fit in an airplane seat was a major accomplishment for her. The simple things matter most, right?

The ability for Laura to purchase apparel at regular clothing stores is another cause for excitement. Rather than forcing herself to exercise on the treadmill every day, Laura remains in shape in a number of ways. She engages in activities such as hiking and paddleboarding outside of the gym. In Denver, she once went on a climb up a 14,000-foot peak.

Laura now has more confidence and delight in her daily life thanks to the weight decrease. She most crucially believes she can do it. Additionally helpful is having a sizable Instagram following of devoted followers.

Morgan advises those who want to modify their lifestyle and weight to start slowly, describing her own early mistakes as moving from 0 to 100. Instead of attempting to correct all of your errors at once, gradually cut back on harmful meals or behaviors one at a time. Small adjustments have a longer-lasting impact than drastic ones do.

Laura Morgan does not believe in worrying excessively about the weight on the scale or in being afraid to make a mistake for fear of having to start over. Even if that number isn’t decreasing, positive adjustments can still be accomplished because, FYI, muscle weighs more than fat.

Her uplifting Instagram posts appear to resonate with her followers, as they did with us as well. Your daily self-esteem mantra will be sayings like “no one is you and that is your strength,” which are far from the clichés we frequently encounter on social media. Laura demonstrates how to achieve both physical and mental well-being.

Laura shares relatable training content and frequent videos of her workouts rather than focusing on sponsorships or nice attire. She frequently performs ridiculous dances at the start of her training videos and isn’t hesitant to do so. Together with those sumo squats, she girl has some dance moves!

We occasionally also receive tidbits of delectable, nutritious items to prepare at home, like her roasted, honey-balsamic-glazed carrots and parsnips. There aren’t many of them on her page, but they seem delicious, and we hope she adds more; when you’re under quarantine, there’s not much else to do but cook.

Working hard is what Morgan is all about, but she also believes in having fun and not taking oneself too seriously. That would be a glorious sight to watch if the fitness industry had a little bit more of that and a little less judgment or perfectionism. The current economy is rather intimidating for those who are lost or without hope.

She posted a before and after photo of herself wearing the same dress to first show off her dramatic weight loss. How much of a difference two years can make! She describes the weight loss process as having “great triumphs and massive setbacks,” which is a fantastic and accurate way to characterize taking any significant risk.

When it comes to being healthy, Laura is all about the four food motions rather than adhering to fad diets or fasting. Reduce your consumption of fast food, develop your cooking skills, observe portion control, and eat wholesome foods. You can start incorporating workouts once you have these essentials under control without too many relapses.

In order to avoid overwhelming yourself at the beginning of the voyage, you may start by simply strolling. Morgan found it tough to relate other influencers’ weight reduction journeys, so she made the decision to document and share her successes. As a result, she created a unique online community that is a part of the healthier fitness movement, which we are happy to support.


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