IKEA Revealed The Secret Swedish Meatballs Recipe

While we understand that the global pandemic has kept us all at home and that we should all be working to flatten the curve, we can’t help but feel bored and miss some of the activities that were simple to perform only a month ago. What will you do first when the quarantine is over and life resumes normalcy? is one of the most often asked questions on the internet. Many of us miss having a decent cup of coffee and our favorite cuisine from our favorite cafés and restaurants, but some under rigorous lockdown fantasize of simply enjoying a long stroll in the park. Others are anxious to travel. And it appears that IKEA is aware of it.

IKEA’s UK location has unveiled a huge surprise on Twitter. Like you’d expect for their furniture, they’ve published the recipe for the iconic IKEA meatballs, replete with a step-by-step illustrated instruction.

They’ve decided that since we’re under lockdown and missing our favorite IKEA meatballs, we can all try to prepare them at home as a reward. It turns out that this dish is remarkably simple to prepare, according to the recipe card. There are only seven essential ingredients: beef and pig mince, onions, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg, milk, and a pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning. Simply combine, shape into balls, chill to help the meatballs maintain their shape, brown in a frying pan, then bake in the oven to finish cooking. It is that simple.

But don’t worry, IKEA has kindly provided us with the recipe for the cream sauce as well. They don’t want you to eat your meatballs dry. There are only 8 components needed for that, including double cream, soy sauce, mustard, vegetable and beef stalks, butter, flour, oil, butter, and butter. All you have to do is combine the ingredients in a pot and cook it until the correct consistency is reached.

Making some mashed potatoes or boiling some small potatoes is all that’s required to replicate the traditional IKEA dish; we’re confident you can figure that out on your own. This delicious treat is now available for you to enjoy at home, and it wasn’t even that difficult to make since the components are ordinary. This gives us reason to believe that the proverbial “hidden ingredient” is always love.

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