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In Leo Season, Boost Your Confidence With Positive Sexual Affirmations

That’s right, Leo season has begun now that Cancer season has tucked itself snugly into bed and we’ve given the zodiac torch to Leo as the sun enters its sign of preference. Play some Kate Bush, commit to a time-consuming skincare routine that people will be curious to know about (and they will!) and take a moment to reflect on all the ways you light up the world unlike anyone else. If you’re fortunate enough to be loved by a Leo, you can count on them to defend you in the best loving manner possible. Leos are self-assured and proud.

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As the Astro twins put it about our Lionhearted friends, “the essence of Leo energy is daring, kind, generous, loyal, protective, nakedly honest, and amusing.” “Leo energy can show negatively as being haughty, selfish, sloppy, coldhearted, aggressive, and conceited. Leo energy can make us feel superior to others around us and make us forget that everyone contributes something to a team. However, we can harness the Leo tendency for strong leadership and ensure that everyone has a place in the sun. When used effectively, Leo energy awakens and revitalizes those around you in a positive way. You’re the boss in all you do, and Leos control the jungle. Finding a partner that can keep up with you can be challenging due to your immense power… Small acts of worship have a big impact. You could even secretly prefer it this way.

That enthusiasm is contagious, reassuring, and most importantly, confident. Now, regrettably, does Leos’ grass-fed, free-range confidence just so happen to exist? They are born with it and gradually develop it through time and through numerous thirst traps; it isn’t Maybelline. But rather than being intimidated by that supernatural gift, allow it to motivate you. Consider how you may give your own approach to life, love, and sex a dash of that Leo-grade assurance.

Exercise, baby! With a few encouraging words that will benefit you and the Leo season more than you might imagine. Perhaps you’ll learn that you’ve had a praise kink all along.

The key to having a strong Leo season-inspired internal monologue is to repeat your worthiness, goodness, and hotness until the rest of you start to believe it.

What makes you feel beautiful, appealing, and seductive?

Take those words and combine them with the information you require and desire: You have a beautiful ass worthy of epic poetry, you are a terrific listener, a seductive dirty talker, a generous giver of pleasure, your grown-out eyebrows make you look like Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon, etc.

At first, doing this can feel strange and even a little like mental masturbation for one’s own ego (and, honestly, combine it with that too!). and that it is both lame and cheesy. The sun is in Leo, dammit it, so let’s leave our inhibitions at the door and play through the discomfort of that embarrassment. Also, be willing to indulge. What do you like about yourselves and each other? Could be brought up as a conversation starter with your partner if you feel truly confident and at ease and have that Leo swagger. (Get to sharing that too; you two are, at least theoretically, huge admirers of one another’s entire predicament.)

Start incorporating these affirmations into your brain’s mental soundtrack and keep doing so until it becomes second nature. These affirmations are uplifting reminders that what you accomplish and bring to your love and sex life deserves to be acknowledged, if not adored.

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