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In Sagittarius Season, Burn Off Some Extra Adventurous Energy In Bed

We are now entering the final sign of the year, Sagittarius, after the intense, enigmatic feelings of Scorpio season have passed. Sags, the archer and explorer, are renowned for always wanting more, whether it be academically or physically. Your friendly neighborhood Sagittarius, who is ruled by Jupiter (think big! joyful! optimistic and ambitious), isn’t the type to sit back and enjoy the ride in relationships. Instead, they seek companions who can keep up with them in terms of adventure and explosive physical and emotional chemistry.

You are controlled by both animal instincts and enlightened intellect, as symbolized by the mythological half-horse, half-human centaur. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs in addition to greater education, morals, and wisdom. Despite your constant pursuit of divine inspiration, you have a strong desire for life’s “earthly pleasures.” It makes sense why you’re frequently pulled in two directions, the AstroTwins say of Sagittarius. “Your partners must also possess the same enormous appetite for life that you have. It’s difficult to find someone who can keep up with your never-ending search for exploration and adventure. Because of this, many Sagittarians experience extended spells of singleness. At least initially, relationships have a tendency to consume you while you’re actually in them.

Every sign interacts differently with a distinct season or planet, as we commonly observe! Your personality is uniquely represented by the qualities in your chart, which are jam-packed with cosmic wisdom. For a complete zodiac picture, make sure to look at your sun, moon, ascendant, rising sign, and other major planets (Mars and Venus are always fascinating in the area of sex and relationships!). — and you might find it useful to meet with an astrologer to discuss your chart and see how well you get along with other signs.

However, in the meanwhile, if you want to finish the Sagittarius season with a bang and some whimpers, we advise you to tap into your inner explorer, boost your energy, and look for some thrilling, active, and athletic sex positions.

Sorry, but this isn’t the right time for my gorgeous starfish pals. (And wait to channel your inner pillow princess until Taurus season!) Instead, we want you to consider how in tune with your body you can be and how you and your partner embrace the full spectrum of motions available to you to actively and aggressively pursue the type of pleasure you desire and need. The shared experience of exercising some erotic anger together is powerful, even if you roll out of bed afterwards with sore thighs or feel like you did too many planks.

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No matter if you’re trying to gain a slight advantage, playing with power dynamics, or even just thinking about what poses you can try when standing or kneeling (or even swinging). A strategy to create an intense and passionate encounter with your lover is to embrace the whole mind-body connection of letting your sex life get your heart and your partner’s heart(s) pounding quicker by breaking a sexy sweat. Consider inventive methods to tweak the positions you are accustomed to in order to increase their intensity. Alternate between different positions frequently in order to chase the sensations that feel correct at any particular time.

And don’t worry, you can always relax afterwards with some sluggish, drowsy sex. You will deserve it.

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