Incredible Fit Breakfasts That’ll Make You Drool!

Eva has mastered the skill of creating nutritious vegan dishes free of processed sugar. This German design student is a passionate supporter of wellness, sustainability, and the natural world. We all need meals these days that will uplift our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Instagram is flooded with greasy, cheesy, and carb-heavy food inspiration feeds. While they may seem like a dream come true, they never actually make us feel fantastic and can sometimes leave a lingering bloat.

Eva makes foods that are healthy for you on the inside and out. Since they are naturally rich in the minerals and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables, they taste great and will give your skin, hair, and nails a healthy glow. But who said eating healthy had to be monotonous or unpleasant?

It’s difficult to pick just one picture to look through in her feed because there are so many vibrant and delectable ones. Consider this “Matcha Nicecream,” a delicious (yet nutritious) version of matcha ice cream that contains puffed red millet and bits of brownie protein bars.

We appreciate the healthier variations of junk food she makes, like this painstakingly designed stack of blue ombre pancakes. She obtained the blue hue from blue spirulina, which also provided additional nourishment. We would adore to have two portions of this on one of our cheat days with the queen of food!

Eva is well known for her sweets, but this time, the waffles get a savory makeover. Tahini, a tofu scramble, tomatoes, coriander, and gorgeous avocado slices with sesame seeds are served with green pea waffles. It works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and is high in protein.

Because they resemble the cool essence of summer and because the colors always turn out so lovely and creamy, we can’t get enough of these nicecream bowls. This one contains kiwi and cookie-dough protein bar chunks together with half raspberry and half matcha. She was completely enamored with the pairing, as are we, to be honest.

The crepes Eva makes are also fantastic. She cooked these crepes when she went to see a fellow food blogger friend in Berlin. They were stuffed with raspberry soy yogurt, figs, and maple syrup. She emphasizes how versatile crepes are because you can pretty much fill them with anything. Countless choices! similar to a sandwich, but much better.

Yes, she does create drinks, and they have a unicorn-like appearance. This tea’s stunning and fantastical color is a result of the butterfly pea tea. It is naturally blue in hue, but when you add citrus juice, it transforms into a lovely pink and purple. The flavor has a little sweet and faintly flowery undertone.

We can never have enough crepes and fake ice cream, but we can never fill the town with hearty bowls. Salads are lighter than bowls, which are also more filling. This Buddha bowl contains baked pumpkin, quinoa, cucumber, fried tofu, kidney beans, and hummus. The basil garnish really brings everything together. This dish is packed with protein as well as other vital elements.

We love how vivid every single one of this foodie’s photos is. She may put it up so beautifully because she is a design student and it comes naturally to her, but did you know that we are more eager to eat food when it is presented in a lively, colorful, and engaging way? No more depressing salads, men!

Some people may find sushi daunting, but when it’s vegan, the hazards are significantly reduced. This one has her “normal sushi filling,” which she describes as avocado, vegetables, and fried tofu. Important information: To give your sushi rice a more complex flavor, combine it with rice vinegar and maple syrup.

This is not how our peanut butter toast looks at all. We might want to eat it more if it did. Upgrade your PH & J sandwich from the ordinary with these ripe blueberries, or your chocolate spread with some hemp seeds, thinly sliced bananas, and a (little) dusting of chocolate sprinkles. Which would you choose?