Incredibly Gorgeous Watercolor Tattoos You’ll Want To Get

What comes to mind typically when you think of tattoos? Is it the traditional grayscale or black and white tattoos? Or do you see the more conventional tattoos, which are highly colorful but always adhere to the rules? Or perhaps you picture humorous tattoos of cartoon characters, or perhaps Chinese dragons come to mind right away. The point is that while there are many different tattoo designs, most of them do call for severe lines. However, watercolor tattoos are one tattoo trend that doesn’t. As the name implies, these tattoos are considerably softer and appear to have recently been painted on with watercolors. So let’s look at some incredible watercolor tattoo samples.

1. You can incorporate your passion of cats and watercolor tattoos by following this amazing example. Have you ever seen anything cuter than those tiny paws?

2. A compass is usually a good idea if you enjoy traveling, and adding some color helps it appear much more intriguing.

3. These two watercolor owl tattoo designs are available. As you can see, the second one has a more artistic feel to it whereas the first one is more cartoonish and foggy.

4. Creative individuals will love this concept. The watch can stand for the idea that being an artist is more significant than caring about time as a notion. Painting enthusiasts who don’t mind using their body as a canvas can consider getting the image on the right as a tattoo.

5. Still another fantastic suggestion for folks who enjoy traveling. Each color stands for how fascinating and unique our planet is in reality.

6. Geometric lines and watercolor tattoos always look amazing together. Just take a look at these paper cranes, I mean.

7. Would you prefer a tattoo of your spirit animal on your body? Who doesn’t enjoy pandas? That panda is very lovely.

8. Tattoos done in watercolor are excellent for emphasizing the tattoo by filling in the surrounding area. Both of these tattoos would still look great if they were merely the outlines in black, but the watercolor background really adds some flair.

9. Watercolor paintings of flowers make them appear especially delicate and lovely. Who said tattoos couldn’t be incredibly girly?

10. Your profession or a hobby might be incorporated into your watercolor tattoos. For instance, the option on the left seems ideal for you if you are a musician. If you’re a scientist, don’t you think the choice on the right looks rather cool?

11. This is an another illustration of how delicate and lovely watercolor tattoos may look.

12. If you’re having problems imagining your inner world as a tattoo, consider getting this lovely imaginative concept rendered in vibrant watercolor.

13. Fans of Disney will adore these amazing sketches with watercolor splashes.

14. Don’t you think these tattoos are very stunning? Even though they are vibrant and brilliant, they nevertheless have a soft, feminine quality.

15. Who said you couldn’t include some watercolor in your Harry Potter tattoo, by the way? The use of color effectively captures the wonder of the Harry Potter universe.


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