Is Fish Ice-Cream The Newest Food Craze?

While London was going bonkers over ice cream served up on a cloud, New York invented a brand-new bizarre kind of ice cream called Taiyaki.

It’s fish ice cream, or taiyaki. Before you even have a chance to describe how this notion has revolutionized you, allow us to explain. We’re not referring to eating some bizarre dish that includes ice cream with fish, fish-flavored ice cream, or fish-ice cream. That would be abhorrent. Ice cream is all that is offered with taiyaki in a waffle cone fashioned like a fish. Although it has an odd appearance, the ice cream nevertheless tastes excellent as always.

It’s difficult to argue that NYC invented this idea first. In Korea, fish-shaped ice cream sandwiches have long been popular. And it was likely Koreans who went above and beyond to make an ice cream cone in the shape of a fish to serve ice cream. However, Taiyaki is currently extremely popular in NYC, where New Yorkers are literally queuing up to purchase their fish-shaped ice cream cones.

Who knows how long this trend will endure before someone comes up with an even more ridiculous notion, but for the time being, if you’d want to sample Taiyaki go on over to Chinatown/Little Italy, NYC, and buy yourself the best soft serve around. fish-shaped ice cream cone.