Is The Hairy Nails Trend Creepy Or Cool?

Everything from fuzzy nails to inoperable, five-inch stiletto nails that could serve as a shank have been observed. But there is one artist who has advanced weird nail fashions. Selfies, hair, and nails have been joined to create the horrifying Frankenstein creation known as “hairy nails,” and the internet has, to put it mildly, reacted.

This trend (you get ten of your faces, one for each of your nails) is definitely only going to appeal to selfie enthusiasts. For these nails, the appearance of pointed length is produced by joining two hair wisps at the end.

We’re not sure how this keeps up unless the hair wisps are wired. What happens if you’re enjoying a burger? It’ll become a garnish manicure! Avoid touching this manicure with any food or moisture!

It’s possible to recreate this look using celebrities’ faces, but in any case, it still leaves lengthy hairs glued to your nail bed, which is undoubtedly unpleasant. both in terms of hygiene and sheer creepiness. Aren’t we getting a little “Silence of the Lambs” vibes here? In either case, these might be more attractive to look at than to wear.

Visual illusionist Dain Yoon is the original inventor of this hair-iffic, which may be either fantastic or terrifying depending on your point of view. Although her other art is expertly created and amazing, glueing hair and her own face onto her nails caught the internet’s attention. Sigh. We’ll never fully comprehend how virality operates.

It’s odd that this artist, who is unquestionably brilliant in terms of creativity, chose to go with this perplexing appearance. She might be caving in to our selfie-obsessed culture. Or perhaps she was aiming to polarize her audience to test the reaction from her fans. And it succeeded.

Although opinions among Yoon’s own admirers on this trend were varied, you have to agree it’s sort of amazing that each face she painted had a slight variation in expression. She paints many, surreal faces or facial features frequently, particularly eyes. Personally, we like her other works of art better than this strange one.


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