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It’s Capricorn Season — So Go Ahead & Embrace Your Bossy Side In Bed

Now that the winter’s hyped-up, hyperactive Sagittarius phase is officially over (is anyone else exhausted? I’m exhausted), it’s time to enjoy Capricorn energy and all that it can do for your sex life. Prepare yourself and fix your goat’s square-pupilled look on the reward. It’s okay if you’re feeling a little bossy and in the mood to get what you want during this season in particular as you consider and reflect on things you’ve done and things (and people) you want to do.

Zodiac signs

Even if some Zodiac signs don’t always make sense to me personally, as a Libra I do my best to try to grasp the benefits of all the signs, their seasons, and energies. The world is a to-do list that Capricorns are going to cross off with their decisive and effective nature. They are just that way. My friend previously dated a Capricorn who showed up one day to simply replace her broken shower head after realizing she had one. Just as they recognized something that needed to be done, they confidently accomplished it and continued on. (Honestly, I can’t connect, but I adore that for them.)

Every sign interacts differently in your chart and with every season and planet

As we mention in all of our zodiac sex tips! Your unique birth chart, which is based on your birth date, place, and time, comprises all of the various components that make up who you are and your unique personality. For a complete zodiac picture (Mars and Venus are always interesting in the area of sex and relationships), be sure to check your sun sign, your moon sign, and your ascendant/rising sign (think: your ego, who you are when you’re alone on a deep personal level, and the mask you wear/how others see you). — and you might find it useful to meet with an astrologer to discuss your chart and see how well you get along with other signs. It can be a genuinely unique and life-changing experience!

But to fully enjoy the Capricorn vibes, you don’t have to be in kinkster mode. As we’ve said, hardworking goats get things done, and that can also mean that you take the initiative and make sure that you and your spouse schedule the foreplay, sex, and intimacy that you both desire. This can involve taking command and ordering your partner to engage in some foreplay and self-care before you meet up later (I’m talking acts of service vibes, baby!) and making a few (consensual) executive decisions that will satisfy you both. You won’t be sorry.

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