Jacquemus Grandma In The Look Book For His New Collection

Because of his original approach to creating artistic faces out of everyday objects, we previously talked about Simon Porte Jacquemus. Because of his stylish attire and the attractive models that frequently wear them on Instagram, you may be familiar with this designer.

The quarantine, however, has put a stop to a lot of photo sessions. This designer then made the decision to use his own family members as models for his most recent creations. This time, the look-main book’s model is a little bit different from your typical model. Forewarning: It’s his grandmother. Our most recent fascination is Liline, who is Jacquemus grandma.

Jacquemus grandmother is the coolest and most attractive look-book model we’ve seen in a long time, so if you’re making fun of her, you obviously lack style and class. No couture session can equal the enthusiasm of this photo series because to the gentle lighting and the organic setting. Can we also get a mention for those gorgeous silver roots?

A beautiful look-book is created by her years of experience, easygoing poses, and magnificent designs (look at that slammin’ granny bod!). The photographer used his or her own smartphone to take the collection of pictures. Instead of using a high-end camera, fashion industry leaders should really think about doing this more frequently. In any case, it comes across as more relevant and realistic than some size 0 fashion fantasy!

The French countryside provided a more enchanted backdrop than a scheduled photo shoot. Imagine the Garden of Eden in pastels and sugary colours. Imagine a fashion show for plants. For next shoots, we can’t wait to see what else he does with the garden. In addition, how could we praise the setting without mentioning the adorable golden retriever, who is Liline’s pup.

We particularly appreciate how they included both Liline’s own selfies and pictures of her taken by her grandson. It’s not only about a male gaze perspective; it’s about how this queen views herself. Our stunning grandmother was an obvious choice for this ad because she personifies Simon Jacquemus’s style, which is lively, stylish, playful, and daring.

Jacquemus Grand mother appears to be a full-fledged mafia boss dressed in a hot pink outfit. The golden yellow earrings that dangle from her ears and contrast gorgeously with the pink against her summer tan are our favourite part. Nobody can match this star’s sass, therefore we hope future fashion advertisements will keep an eye out for her.

The green garment that flutters out around her like a pretty flower is our favourite. La Robe Monsque Tiered Twill Maxi Dress, which Liline is wearing, beautifully accentuates her remarkable physique. We need to know what French ladies do to maintain their youthful appearance.

Some of our other favourites are the shot of Solange staring at a table covered with a tonne of the little Le Chiquito bags as well as the big white pantsuit that we can easily picture her wearing. Despite the fact that this photo shoot doesn’t take itself too seriously, Liline managed to win our hearts. They didn’t skimp on the accoutrements either. It gave us ultimate dress-up vibes in the greatest manner imaginable with massive, hot pink earrings, floppy hats, and carrying handfuls of Simon’s iconic bags.

It is obvious that this French matriarch is not only her grandson’s inspiration for the upcoming season but also his motivation and possibly the cause for designing his entire life from her unmatched swagger and confidence to her unconventional stances. We hope that more companies and fashion houses will begin to use older models as well as their grandparents.

Beyond being extremely inclusive, we simply love the welcoming vibe this fashion shoot has. Most of the time, fashion might appear sterile, unapproachable, and remote (especially on paper). The contrary is how this shot feels. It combines warmth and familiarity with the comforts of childhood nostalgia. It transforms intricately engineered garments into something simple that we can comprehend and crave.

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