Japanese Dad Creates Adorable Meals Based On His Daughter’s Drawings, And We Are In Love With Them

Sometimes we lose sight of how imaginative parents can be when they draw inspiration from their children. The Goose, a stand-up comedian who performs under the stage name Takafumi Ozeki, is the father in the entire world who knows the most about creation. He spends a few hours every day making some pretty special lunch boxes for his daughter since he loves her so much. He started with the ‘character bento’ (kyara-ben in Japanese) and made his daughter’s favorite TV and movie characters come to life in a little lunch box using vegetables, rice, and all types of accessories to make his artworks. He then went much further, though! His kid is the only little girl in the world who can boast eating her own drawings. That’s right! Takafumi Ozeki recreates his child’s sketches in the actual world. They are just too cute!

Pikachu-like in appearance, the bento is an exact replica of the drawing.

Takafumi Ozeki can convert even a slightly terrifying sketch into something cute and hilarious.

Looking at these photographs, don’t you wish your parents also done something like this when you were a kid?

It seems all children prefer to draw cats. Just look at those facial expressions!

Is it Doraemon? Sure looks like him.

The charming cheetah and zebra turn this bento into a genuinely stunning work of art.

Looking at this drawing, it’s impossible to determine what kind of bird this is, but we know one thing — it’s incredibly adorable!

This bento looks like a page from a cute kids’ comic book.

We bet Takafumi Ozeki can turn his daughter’s sketches into actual stories for kids!

Don’t all girls dream of becoming princesses? This tiny girl even has a prince to keep her company.

A child’s imagination can sometimes produce outrageous things, but there’s nothing Takafumi Ozeki won’t do to delight his daughter. He ended up with a cutest bento ever!

Yes, we admit the bento art is pretty, but what about that wonderful food? It looks like a masterpiece!

Sweet basic meals served by a loving father — there’s nothing better than that!

Look, even sausages have cheerful faces! It makes the bento appear beyond cheery.

It’s hard to tell what kind of creature this is, but it certainly look rather appetizing!

A small artwork crafted just for his daughter.

It’s a froggie pond! Filled with fresh rice, egg omelette, and vegetables.

Is that a llama, a sheep, or a lion? Either way, it certainly brightens up the bento box!

Edible poop? Yes, please!

Kudos to this brilliant parent and wonderful bento boxes he creates every day. They look simply scrumptious.


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