Jaw-Dropping Designer Outfits Made From Cookies

When you first visit Liz Joy’s @inspiraredtotaste Instagram profile, you might assume that she makes figurines and little goods. You wouldn’t be mistaken, but there is a twist: each one is edible.

Numerous bakers have posted intricate dessert artworks on Instagram, but award-winning “dessert designer” Joy really takes things to the next level. Joy genuinely does make us happy with her trendy designs and attention-grabbing masterpieces for illustrious companies. This encourages us to consume a lot of sweets.


Joy, a LA-based artist, produces unique culinary works of art for well-known companies including Sephora, Forbes, Christian Louboutin, and Urban Decay. The thing we adore most about this artist is how approachable her stunning, glitzy work is.

She sells cookie decorating kits like this one that let you decorate cookies with glammed-up makeup faces. Her concept came from beauty face charts, which are truly edible after being used by makeup professionals to test out various looks and treatments.


She perfectly captured the texture of the garment, including the scarf’s crinkled folds. Joy was inspired to create the look by Chloe things that were on her wish list because she needed them right away. She baked cookies decorated with fondants and royal icing as a substitute. Although eating it sounds more cost-effective, we would wear this outfit.


Yes, she also creates edible interiors. The ingenuity of this queen is incredible! She refers to it as the “cookie room,” and we are instantly smitten by the design and color scheme, especially that abstract piece of art! Commenters on the post inquire as to when they may move in.

She also offers a ton of online tools and resources to help you bake like her (well, maybe not as fantastic), such as fondant decorating tool sets and cookie cutters in the form of dresses.

What’s best? You won’t need to be alarmed when you attempt your next Pinterest project because she offers online lessons and workshops through the “Inspired to Taste Academy” along with these resources.

How does she manage to get the folds so perfect on this exquisite lingerie set? Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty served as her inspiration. Liz made the decision to make lingerie cookies with @milkandcookiesco that were motivated by Disney princesses. Can someone make this in the real world so we can buy it right away?

When Fendi accessories are out of your price range, you bake them in the hopes that they come true. Since these cat-eye spectacles have such crisp detailing, we honestly have no qualms about putting dessert on our faces. Additionally, we would totally sport that tiny handbag on our pinky while we’re at it!

For the Project Runway-inspired television program Making The Cut, she created this look. Liz Joy, who is infatuated with rocker-chic fashion, was inspired by contestant Esther to create this Very Cool Power Move of a Tux. We are unable to pick between the edible creation and the wearable creation after seeing the real-life version in the last slide.


Additionally, Liz has more than just cookies up her sleeve; she can also use pies to lure you into one of her realms. These pies have elaborately decorated flat-lay scenarios that resemble paintings, such as this Wendy pie with a Peter Pan biscuit crust. It has a blueberry filling atop a lemon-almond crust that tastes as good as it looks.

Although we can confidently state that we’ve never found inspiration for an outfit in cookies, this version of a Ralph Lauren dress worn with Gianvito Rossi boots makes us long for the end of COVID-19 so we might once again sport a posh and stylish ensemble.

A soft, fuzzy crocheted beanie is the ideal way to stay warm when the weather turns chilly. Well, at least in cookie form. She was honing her ombre and knitted texture piping methods here. Although the ombre didn’t come out as clearly as she had hoped, we still think it’s quite incredible!

Joy had the opportunity to create cookie-cutouts of famous people like Mario Lopez and Scott Evans for her appearance on Access Hollywood. The Mario cookie has royal icing for the hair and is topped in white chocolate marshmallow fondant.