Jennifer Aniston Explains Why She’s Always Been ‘Protective’ Over Her IVF Story

In the aughts, it was impossible to enter a grocery store without seeing a headline about Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy. Just how intrusive and obsessed that media narrative was makes me feel genuinely cringe. And Aniston, who is now truly relishing her fifties, can put words to it.

The Friends star spoke candidly about her “really terrible stuff” experiences in her 30s and 40s in an interview with Allure for their December cover story. She also discussed how her fertility tale (and the negative attention it received) contributed to her experiences.

“I was trying to conceive. The route to having children was difficult for me, she admitted. “All the speculation over the years and years and years… It was quite difficult. Chinese teas, IVF, you name it, I was doing it all. I was giving it everything I had. If someone had told me to “freeze your eggs,” I would have donated anything. You owe it to yourself. You simply don’t consider it.

She discussed how at the time, media narratives that implied she was “simply selfish” or career-obsessed in a way that prevented her from having children affected her. There were also allegations, according to her, that her marriage failed because she “wouldn’t give him a child.” It’s all ridiculous, sexist turtles from there.

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I don’t have any regrets, she declares. “Now that there is no longer a ‘Can I?’ question, I really feel a little relief. Maybe. ’ That is no longer something I have to consider.

She claims that she has “spent so many years protecting” her IVF experience. Aniston claims she’s just about ready to finally discuss it all in her own words now that she’s approaching this new phase of life with clear eyes:

She declares, “I’m going to accomplish that one day.” I’m going to quit telling myself that I can’t write. I feel like I get to keep so little to myself, which is why I’m so protective of certain areas. Because the [world] fabricates untrue narratives, I might as well reveal the truth. I feel as though I’m emerging from hibernation. I have nothing to conceal.

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