Kaley Cuoco Shares Video of Cupping Therapy

Muscle aches are a painful side effect of strenuous exercise and can be difficult to tolerate. Kaley Cuoco’s aching muscles got so bad that she sought alternate remedies, which weren’t particularly comfortable either.

The Big Bang Theory star said in a new series of Instagram Stories that she “had my a—handed to me” by a trainer at her gym, which she said she needed to visit more frequently. “I go for a few weeks and then I can’t walk anymore,” she added. “I believe my body is simply starting to shut down from pure overuse. I’m going to crumble if I don’t take care of it.

Her muscles, according to Cuoco, are “so tense I can hardly bend or turn.” I haven’t been able to move about much lately. She then had her “angel Flory” treat her body to cupping and scraping techniques.

In one video, Flory scrapes Cuoco’s flesh with a tool. Cuoco begs Flory to explain what she’s doing while plainly in agony. Flory stated, “I’m practising gua sha. “I need to release your severely tight fascia so that your nerves and ligaments may heal.”

Then, Cuoco demonstrated Flory using cupping therapy—a technique that uses suction cups to improve blood circulation—on her legs. Evidently, that didn’t feel either well. “That is simply absurd, I mean. Oh my gosh, how kind. Cuoco said as Flory put on the cups, “Oh my gosh.

  • Kaley Cuoco recently shared her experience with cupping and scraping therapy in a series of Instagram stories.
  • The Big Bang Theory star revealed that she overdid it at the gym. She was in pain and had trouble moving her muscles.
  • Experts explain how cupping and scraping therapy are used to promote recovery and whether or not they are worth trying.

What exactly are cupping and scraping?

According to John-Paul H. Rue, MD, a sports medicine and orthopaedics expert at Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center, both of these complementary and alternative treatments aim to improve blood flow and aid in rehabilitation.

Cupping involves lighting a combustible material (like alcohol) inside a glass cup or bamboo container. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine states that after that, it is placed on a person’s skin where, when the cup cools, it produces suction. On occasion, a pump is utilised to provide the desired effect. The therapy, which typically lasts for around 10 minutes, involves pulling your skin and upper layer of muscle into the cup.

Ilan Danan, MD, MSc, a sports neurologist at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles, claims that cupping “goes back to ancient Eastern medicine, with very limited empirical support to date.” However, I have discovered that it works well as an adjuvant therapy for many of my patients who suffer from chronic pain.

According to Dr. Rue, scraping is also known as a Graston manoeuvre or Graston technique and is used to stretch connective tissue and break up scar tissue.

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Do these therapies actually help promote recovery?

Yes…ish. They are frequently used in athletic training for athletes who suffer injuries and want to heal more quickly, according to Dr. Rue. But, he emphasises, it’s actually ideal if you combine them with more traditional therapies like massage, heat and ice therapy, or physical therapy. Dr. Rue states, “They might bring further value, but I don’t advocate them alone.” “It won’t be sufficient,”

According to Dr. Rue, some degree of pain is typical following a strenuous workout and it may even continue for days. However, he claims that rest, light stretching, heat to reheat your muscles, and ice to reduce inflammation can all be beneficial. Discuss the following steps with your doctor if it’s still bothering you.

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