Legs Of New York

There is no single set guideline for anything when it comes to fashion. There are countless different techniques and styles, but Stacey Baker’s photos stand out for their distinctiveness. She made the decision to snap photos of women’s legs in 2013 because she thought it would be intriguing. And not simply any legs, but ones that really catch your eye.

How did she begin working on this unusual project? Well she’s not exactly sure how it happened. She resides in New York, which, as you are aware, is home to a large population of attractive people. So one day as Stacey was strolling along a street, she noticed a woman who immediately caught her eye. She claims that while this woman’s coat’s cut initially caught her attention, her eyes were soon drawn to her legs as well. The woman consented when she asked to snap her picture.

It kept happening and Stacey kept taking shots. She then decided to upload those photographs to Instagram. Her followers enjoyed what they saw and with good encouragement from her followers and friends Stacey thought that this could be quite an intriguing enterprise.

She then decided to dedicate her Instagram completely to sharing photographs of legs. The pictures she posts aren’t your normal haute couture fashion photos. They have a lot more “everyday” vibe to them, but definitely with a spark of distinct and quirky. It’s something you surely might encounter on the streets of New York, or your city and immediately be intrigued by that person’s flair. You know how occasionally you see folks going on the street and they stick out? Their style is original and sort of odd, but very much unique and they own it like a boss. That’s exactly what this initiative is all about.

Her photographs are a superb at presenting all sorts of feminine characters in their diversity. They also express the subject’s personality very well, additionally, the fashion choices are a terrific indication of how diverse fashion is at the time.

So if you’re looking for excellent clothing inspiration or just want to see some fantastic legs, go and follow Stacey on Instagram. She started off with just under 2000 followers, but thanks to her project she now has over 78k followers and that figure simply keeps climbing.

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