Lies That Everyone Tells On The First Date

It takes a lot of energy to date. And a critical one. You go out with someone you met on Tinder who might be catfishing you or is just really obnoxious. Additionally, if you end up falling for someone, they can have the opposite sentiment and bail on you after the first date. People have therefore invented some small, white falsehoods to make themselves look better or to subtly let the other person down in order to get through that first date.

1. Making up information, such as saying someone is the first person you’ve spoken to on this dating app or that you don’t go on many dates. Basically, any phrase that is similar to “I don’t do this often.”

2. Claiming to have a busy weekend or an early morning. No, you just want to leave so you can do something more enjoyable, like cuddle up with your cat and watch TV.

3. Claiming to be full at a restaurant or placing an order for food you aren’t particularly craving. the depressing and meaningless experience of only eating a salad when you’re really craving some lobster and tiramisu.

4. Making a show of not kissing on the first date. Perhaps you’re trying to be sneaky because you like a guy a lot, or perhaps you don’t want to kiss him at all.


5. Giving the justification that the train took an extremely long time or that there was a lot of traffic for your delay. Instead, you were deciding whether or not to meet this Tinder man at the pub while shooting a selfie with your roommate.


6. Slightly embellishing your job to make it seem less dull – there’s nothing wrong with exaggerating how happy your job makes you.

7. Tell us when and why you split up with your ex. You most likely say it is a year, whether it is a few weeks or a few months. Because you want people to know that you’re prepared, but you don’t want them to assume you’re angry or crazy, so you don’t tell them how.


8. When he lends you his hoodie or jacket and claims that he is not cold. He’s truly shivering, but because he likes you, he’s willing to catch a cold in order to keep you warm.

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9. How much makeup you applied before that day. Of course it’s sexy to make the guy think you just got out of bed looking that way; little did he know you thought about your clothing, hairstyle, and cosmetics for hours.

10. Stalking on social media and online research. You have to pretend to be surprised when they reveal details about their life that you already know are spooky after you had googled them to make sure they weren’t a serial killer.


11. Concerning being a sports fan. You just nod and pretend to be interested when he tells you about it because you don’t want him to know how much you detest it.

12. Regarding your degree of relaxation and how low maintenance you appear to be. We all have our no-chill moments as girls, and that’s okay, but you want to come across as cool and show off your fun side, like your fun meter is all the way up; yep, lighter and FUN all the way… The side eye


13. Your relationship with your family. It’s not cute to discuss family issues during a first date. So you might somewhat exaggerate the truth.


14. Your level of homebodyism and how much you despise people. You want him to think you’re glam, so you go out and act lively the entire time. JK, you complain like an old woman on the street and would rather watch Sex and the City while wearing a onesie.

15. Age. This white lie can be used against both men and women. It’s only natural to not want the other person to assess you based on your age in a culture that places such a high importance and strain on the idea of youth.


16. Your general degree of happiness as a person, without whining about the day you may have had or the mood you may be in. Nobody like being around negative people who are constantly complaining and whining about their imperfect lives.