lip jewellery Is The New, Hot Trend That’s Better Than Makeup

Have you ever tried lip jewellery? Lipstick is one thing, but what about that? Keren Wolf is leading the way, and she is providing all the glitzy goodness we could possibly ask for.

After being directed to Wolf’s website, we are now completely enamoured. Wolf first gained notoriety when her lip bling was spotted on Madonna.

While some patterns are more beautiful and accessory-like, others appear to be riffs on lip piercings.

While some can be used to cover both lips completely and resemble metallic lipstick, others can be used to frame the lips in gold like lipliner.

The majority of them cost over $100, with the majority of versions being constructed of brass with a 14k gold coating.

Face jewellery is a trendy item that looks stylish and editorial but is also uneasy. Anyone want a resting metal face? in particular for this strong statement mouth jewellery.

Others have a more finished appearance you’d find in a magazine, while some pieces just adhere to the bottom lip to resemble a lip ring.

Consider the “Piece Lip,” for example. You may have branches protrude from your mouth and frame your lips in an oddly alluring way for $225.00.

This is a great option to try out the look without fully committing to it if a lip piercing is a little too permanent for your liking.

Give this unusual trend a try if you want to stand out in a crowd and try a look more distinctive than earrings.

It may always be worn in different ways, like a nose ring, giving you more options than just one permanent piercing.

One of those, would you dare?

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