Lisa Farrall: A Hair Stylist With A Cause

How many of you regularly style your hair? Blow dry, style, and anything else? Ladies, you are to be commended! You guys should be proud of oneself because it takes a lot of effort and imagination. In addition to being a finalist for the 2016 British Hair Awards, Lisa Farrell is a magician who communicates through her art. In not one, not two, but three categories, one of her most recent collections, Armour, took home first place at The Black Hair Awards! This stunning collection is totally strong and speaks and represents African culture. It also empowers women. See for yourself that we simply can’t get enough.

This confident yet serene beauty begs for us to hear her story with her intricate hair and makeup.

Or how about this hair art design that resembles something Egyptian?

A stunningly beautiful interpretation of how diverse we are all in reality.

modern haircuts with a model-like twist, enhanced by even more dazzling makeup.

Oh, how I adore their eyes. They simply glare into your soul, don’t they?

a lovely interpretation of features of traditional culture. And don’t you simply want to take that skirt on loan?

days worth of braids. with those amazing earrings and a stunning black leather top as accents.

Or this strong, authoritative appearance with an updo and dreads. Killer!

This more considerate method of purging everything and anything.

A beautiful picture of a beauty in the breeze. Seriously, goals.

More clearly cut, with white-out ends and strong bangs. Gorgeous!

With her short, wavy hair, this rebel with a cause is on her way to transforming the world.

Wow! After all this beauty, we need to take a big breath. How did you find it? Which one did you like best? Do you put a lot of effort into how you look for the day? Tell us in the remarks section below!


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