Living Jewelry: A Unique And Elegant Way To Accessorize

These days, succulents seem to be the latest trend. That kind of plant has gained a lot of popularity during the past year. There are a few tiny, adorable, minimalist succulent plants everywhere you look. They can be found in every trendy coffee shop, home goods store, and dining establishment. Every time you open Instagram, a picture of a stylish, minimalist coffee cup next to a succulent plant appears. Nothing wrong with that, to be sure. I recently bought a tiny succulent for myself. I named it Tricksie, it resides on my kitchen windowsill. However, Susan McLeary has taken the succulent passion to a whole new level.

Susan fashioned succulents into Jewelry. Yes, live Jewelry, that grows while you wear it. Each item of jewellery is handmade and each plant is hand chosen either from Susan’s family greenhouse or from a few local small businesses. Susan’s live jewellery is obviously pretty fragile, so it’s not something you would wear every day. It’s a terrific choice for weddings and special celebrations. If you’re cautious though, you can enjoy this jewellery for a few weeks before it grows too big for its base and will have to be transplanted. You get instructions on how to do this, with every piece of jewellery you buy. Afterwards, you can still continue wearing the necklace base without the succulents.

Now let’s have a look at these gorgeous pieces of living jewellery. If you like them, you may buy them on Susan’s Etsy.

Gorgeous crown constructed with genuine succulents.

Stunning oval statement ring crafted with long lasting live succulents

Mesmerizing statement necklaces made of live succulents for weddings or special events.

This piece of jewellery can be used either as a fashionable cuff bracelet, or a corsage for a wedding.

Boutonniere crafted with real, long-lasting succulents

Gorgeous cuff bracelets

Succulent ring

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