Long Hair Vs Short Hair: Men’s Incredible Transformations

Have you ever said, “Man, you need a haircut,” to a guy you know or possibly even a complete stranger on the street? Men tend to be creatures of habit, and many of them dislike change. They will stick with anything for years if they like it or believe it will work for them.
While we don’t advocate that everyone should be a slave to fashion, we do believe that some males should man up and choose to have a trendy haircut occasionally. Today, we’ll provide you 15 examples of men who, after getting a haircut, became an improved version of themselves right away.

1. What was the purpose of this guy’s long blonde hair? It makes sense if his primary source of income came from shampoo advertisements. Goldilocks, you better get it cut off if that isn’t the case.

2. Although there is nothing wrong with dressing like a woman, I think this guy looks much better with short hair.

3. Long hair has its place and time, but if you don’t take care of it and let it go wild and frizzy, it’s better to get it chopped.

4. Reapply the fuzz. Why are males unable to simply condition their hair? Just cut it off if you’re not willing to commit to using certain hair products.

5. When he is staring at you with those wonderful, large eyes, it is difficult to think of something to say about this guy’s hair. But you have to admit that he looks just as good with short hair as he does with dreads. Why not accept the modification then?

6. Are you ever mistaken from behind for a woman with fairly big shoulders? Then a trip to the barbershop is very necessary.

7. Hobo a lot? Who would want to look like that, anyway? Just making the rest of your hair longer won’t stop a receding hairline. Chop-chop, long-haired men’s remarkable transformations from

8. That Jesus-like appearance is dated. For this guy, a new haircut and a beard trim made all the difference.

9. Too much hair for not enough volume. Do you want to know what could provide you a quick fix? The right haircut, I tell you.

10. What are the strange fuzz and haircut doing to his face? He had the appearance of an odd teenager who had failed badly in his beard-growing attempts. Thank God he realized his mistake and changed.

11. Still sporting the bearded Jesus appearance. If you’re set on wearing that appearance, at least attempt to go for a hip, contemporary Jesus look with a nicer hairstyle and a more tidy beard.

12. Isn’t it remarkable how this guy went from being a hairy mess to a French film critic after getting a haircut and trimming his beard?

13. This man seemed to have neglected his health since the 1980s. He appeared older and more like a vagabond or a hippie because of his beard and frizzy hair. Gentlemen, a decent haircut can make you look younger.

14. In only one haircut, you can go from looking like a hustler to looking like a million dollars. It is that simple.

15. This guy just wasn’t pulling off that creepy uncle look. But after a good haircut, he becomes much more alluring.


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