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Lotus is the Appropriately Cozy & Emotional Sex Position to Try During Pisces Season

As we pointed out last month, the planets in your own birth chart—starting with the Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars, and Venus, then moving on to the eighth house if you’re feeling particularly feisty—determine your own personal horoscope and your own love and sex vibes. For the entire overview of what the star says regarding matters of your heart and your bedroom, we highly recommend having your chart analyzed by an astrologer.

Although I do have some ideas on how to make the most of this time as winter ends and spring begins to peek through (not quite the full rebirth, baby deer mayhem vibes of Aries, but we’re getting there! ), relying on our understanding of Pisces season. Pisces are among of my favorite individuals because they feel so many things so intensely and completely in a way that feels really intelligent and brave in a world that frequently encourages you to tuck those things away and hold ’em back.

The AstroTwins explain how to approach love in The Complete Book of Pisces

: “Pisces is depicted by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and this sums up your approach to love.” “You’re constantly looking for a companion who can provide you both security and independence, so it may be very perplexing when they don’t come packaged together. One moment you might be a staunch realist, and the next you might be longing to escape into a magical setting.

Since the astrological year ends during the Pisces season, we may allow our hearts to begin to thaw out after the icy, intense winter and remember the things we love and the things we want to do, be, and see. Ideally, we can also take the time to embrace and comprehend what is truly in front of us. We advise you to take use of the lotus position during Pisces season because of this energy, which is the connection between the real world and the fantastical dreams.

The Lotus is a terrific way to connect with your spouse

and partake in all the mushy, romantic behavior that this lovely season encourages. It is a relaxed, but intensely intimate posture that prioritizes intimacy. Simply have the receiving partner hop on and wrap your legs around the penetrating partner while they sit pretzel-style (or with their legs open in a comfortable way!). You can grind, move, and adjust as necessary while maintaining some nice, meaningful eye contact or exchanging wicked words and kisses whether you’re using a toy or just your bodies. Gain, gain, gain.

The strength of this posture lies more in how you expose yourself to your partner than in how you move your bodies. Infusing a little of that soft Piscean wisdom into a love that has already been around the sun a few times or taking your relationship in a deeper.

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