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Love Looks Like This: Alli Webb Reflects on Finding Love Again

Brides is dedicated to supporting ALL couples not only while they plan their wedding but also throughout they experience the highs and lows of their relationship. There is no relationship that looks the same; every love story is lovely, has its own unique past, and faces its own struggles. For our newest feature, “Love Looks Like This,” we’re encouraging couples to share their love stories in order to celebrate that uniqueness. In the paragraphs below, businesswoman, author, and Drybar co-creator Alli Webb and leadership engagement specialist and Take New Ground founder Adrian Koehler discuss their personal experiences.

Does love create us, or do we create it? In October of this year. Alli had just exited a 10-year rocket ride in which she founded and steered DryBar to become a household name. She had deduced that her first marriage had likewise ended as a result of that. She was resetting her life at the time. Who am I in this situation? The intelligent, vivacious darling of the female founder rise found herself in a period of reflection and sorrow, searching for a new direction for her life, her business, her teenage boys, and her romantic relationships.

Meanwhile, Adrian was only a few miles away. He was working hard to establish his leadership consulting business. He had recently conquered a drinking issue that had caused a depressing marriage to end abruptly a few years before. With his two young children, he had been in a season of starting again for a few years.

Two ambitious leaders. two individuals looking. Two idealistic people seeking a lasting relationship. Ours is a tale of atonement and rebirth. Both of us had been dating, but in separate ways. She was searching for her next true love, perhaps a new partner with whom she might live out the rest of her days. The situation wasn’t good. He made the decision to date quite lightly and hoped to avoid falling in love too quickly. We were both ready for something amazing to occur by October of 2018.

The outstanding businesswoman being interviewed by Alli and her brother Michael Landau for their weekly Raising the Bar Podcast was this time Talia Goldstein from the matching agency Three Day Rule. “People make investments in the things that are most important to them, such as their jobs, finances, and health. Why not put money into your romantic life? “She spoke. The interview turned into a sales conversation since Alli was all ears. She entered. At the same time, Talia discovered Adrian on social media and sent one of her matchmakers to inquire about his interest in meeting one of their wonderful clientele.

How Being Set Up by a Professional Matchmaker Feels

Go ahead a few weeks. Alli gave Adrian her phone number. He called her out of the blue, as is his habit. This was both repulsive and appealing. Who the hell does that? What a jerk. What type of a guy does THAT, too? She thinks, “Maybe my new kind of guy.” That phone contact resulted in a five-hour talk filled with laughter, telling stories, many smiles, and so much inquisitive questioning. The following day, Alli flew to NYC for a press conference. We became addicted really quickly. We frequently laugh at how Alli emailed Adrian “I Think He Knows,” one of her favorite Taylor Swift songs, only a few days after they first spoke. After that trip, Adrian picked her up at the airport. “You’re doing what?!,” exclaimed Adrian’s friends unanimously.

Adrian Koehler and Alli Webb

There was a calling, a magic, a compelling invitation, and an insatiable curiosity. Never would this stop. Love may call, so pay attention. Life is brief.

On that first date, we both opened up a lot by sharing all of their stories about our pasts. The listener will probably take a few lengthy gulps when you’ve lived hard and to the fullest. Aren’t we all searching for someone who can be our host for life’s redemptive energy as well as love us despite the harsh truths of our failures?

The journey had started. We pursued this love in accordance with our nature as hard chargers. Alli flew to Illinois a month later to spend Thanksgiving with Adrian’s family. Because you might as well move on once you’ve found your one. After dating for five months and assimilating within this diverse family, COVID strikes. Moving in together and turning up the heat in this new relationship was only natural. It takes courage to blend a family, especially when there are two Type-A, opinionated, and obstinate lovers involved. Put a tight net around it, and the best and worst among us quickly rose to the top.

Adrian Koehler and Alli Webb

“Calm seas never make a fine sailor,” as F.D.R. once said. We left prepared to handle whatever life would throw at us. We discovered the most abundant possibility of love through this: that it welcomes us and reimagines us. Do we therefore create love, or does it create us? We only know that it is our responsibility to get ready, search for the magic, and have the courage to dive in headfirst repeatedly.

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