Luke Combs Opens Up About Living With OCD

Luke Combs wants his fans to know that he’s just like them, despite being a CMA-winning country music star. “I want to think of myself as a common guy. He recently said to Dan Rather in a new episode of The Tremendous Interview, “There isn’t this big gap between me and the guy in the front row. Combs acknowledged that, like many Americans, he has struggled with mental health concerns throughout the years.

He fights with pure obsessional OCD, to be more precise. This type of OCD, also known as Pure O, produces intrusive thoughts along with mental rituals to reduce stress, which can be quite distressing to persons who have the disorder. Thoughts can include irrational worries about one’s sexuality, health, or interpersonal connections.

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According to Combs, “I know that when you think of people with OCD, you think of them tinkering with the blinds or fixing the carpet.” Essentially, the thoughts that run through my head repeatedly are what I do to adjust the blinds or tidy the carpet.

The majority of the time, those persistent thoughts are concerned about his wellbeing. “It arrives in crests. It will have to do with my health. I’ll be concerned that a heart attack or stroke is about to occur. Combs remarked, “It turns into this extremely obsessive thing that you literally can never have a solution to. The worst thing of it is that. You must learn to accept the idea that there is no guarantee of an answer and that the situation is quite uncertain.

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On The Big Interview with Dan Rather, Luke Combs shares his experiences with anxiety.

The musician revealed that his anxiety issues had “always” afflicted him. He recalls, “I probably can’t remember anything before middle school up to the end of college.”

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, OCD and anxiety frequently coexist, and many people can have both diseases at the same time. For instance, Pure O patients may experience uncomfortable feelings as a result of their obsessions. The ruminating thoughts then become linked to anxiety, which can make treating both diseases challenging.

Combs claimed that although he still still feels anxious, he is now far better equipped to manage his mental health than he was in the past. He remarked, “It’s been wonderful to feel free from such things for a long time now. The most crucial thing, I’ve discovered, is to arm oneself with information of exactly what’s happening.

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