Luxury Sneakers Nail Art – Now That’s A Novel Idea

Are you a big fan of having your nails done? Do you enjoy having your nails done to go with your attire, the time of year, a forthcoming holiday, or a private joke you share with your friends? We concur. But occasionally, you run out of options. You appear to have tried every nail polish color and every pattern you could think of, and going bare-naked seems pointless and dull. Here’s a clever notion. Try to match your shoes’ color with your nails. If you want flashy heels, you could simply use the same color or add some sparkles. But who said athleisure or even streetwear couldn’t serve as inspiration for interesting nail art looks? Our sneakers go through a lot of effort to make them not simply obscenely comfortable and suitable for sports. Additionally, they make sure that footwear look rad as hell, and for that, we think they deserve a big high-five. In the last several years, the sneaker industry has gone absolutely crazy. The opportunities are boundless for sneakerheads. Feel free to add your own to the list after perusing these chic, opulent examples. See if you can identify any of the rare luxury brand collaborations that served as the inspiration for this nail art, and let us know which looks and, obviously, which pairs of shoes you would most like to purchase.

1. It’s usually a good idea to match your green Rihanna Fenty x Puma sneakers.

2. Yes, you should paint your nails with that emblem.

3. Definitely deserving of a special manicure to complement your sick moon clouds is Pharell’s partnership with Adidas.

4. If you have the money for another Rihanna x Puma collaboration, you can certainly afford matching nails.

5. Mint nails and mint shoes. Do you even understand what these are?

6. Power is Female airforce sneakers from Nike are the best women’s shoe. Hold your babies up.

7. Given that the Nike HFR x LeBron 16 was created to honor the resilience of women of color around the world, matching nails are a must.


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