Machine Gun Kelly Launched A Nail Polish Brand

It appears that male celebrities are not only embracing the nail polish craze but are also becoming so obsessed with it that they are launching their own nail polish companies. Machine Gun Kelly is following suit after we recently wrote about Harry Styles launching his cosmetics line, which featured four iridescent nail paints. But Machine Gun Kelly’s collection of nail paint is absolutely not comparable to Harry’s.

Gun Machine Kelly is renowned for having amazing nails, and he has created several iconic styles for his concerts, special occasions, etc. He hopes that everyone who purchase his nail polish will utilize it in the same way. Whether his nails are short and black, brilliant red with elaborate design, or long, spiky, and pink, it is his own way of expressing his mood and his views.

Gun Machine Ten nail polishes that you can wear all year round are available under Kelly’s nail polish line, UN/DN LAQR. Here, the colors are considerably more striking, and the names are amusing as well. A black nail varnish with the name “Depressionist” was created to recall the days when Colson was a student and used a black Sharpie to decorate his nails.

Megan Fox came up with the names for the orange nail polish (“25 to Life”), pink (“Slippery When Wet”), green (“Mary Jane”), white (“Blank Canvas”), and grey (“Writer’s Block”). You get my point. Fun names are used. These nail polishes are available individually or in tiny sets of three with individual names. For instance, “Lucid Dream Look” is the name of a set of three nail polishes with splatter patterns. Additionally, his brand’s motto is “don’t huff the paint.”

Gun Machine According to Kelly, he wants these nail polishes to be affordable for everyone and to serve as a platform for individual expression. It’s more important to use your nails as a blank canvas and let your creativity run wild than it is to get it flawless.

He adds that he believes nail polish can be beneficial to introverts (who he writes his music for). Gun Machine As someone who finds it difficult to strike up a conversation, Kelly discovered that getting his nails done frequently served as an effective icebreaker. The barista may comment on your nails even if you’re only getting a coffee, which serves as a small conversation starter.


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