Magnetic Eyelashes: What Are They And Do They Work?

It makes sense that most girls desire to frame their eyes with the most exquisite set of eyelashes if they believe that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Sadly, not all of us have naturally thick, long, curly eyelashes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get that look with a few items. You’ll probably agree that false eyelashes are a true and tried classic for many women. Some women choose lash serums that help to condition your lashes and make them grow longer and thicker, while others prefer to layer on the mascara to achieve the same effect. Lash extensions have also become more and more popular with each passing year. Magnetic eyelashes, however, might be the answer you’ve been waiting for if, like me, you struggle to apply those false eyelashes.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

Magnetic eyelashes are fake eyelashes that can use on your lash line to enhance the appearance of your natural lashes and provide the appearance of longer, thicker lashes as well as more prominent eyes. Sounds like standard false eyelashes, but the main distinction is that these lashes are held in place by magnets, eliminating the need for eyelash adhesive. In contrast to typical false teeth, they can also be reused.

how magnetic eyelashes function

Unlike ordinary false eyelashes, which come in pairs, magnetic eyelashes come in sets of four. Each strip has a few tiny magnets on it that will fit in place when brought together with its counterpart, keeping your eyelashes in place. You need two strips for each eye.

Putting On Magnetic Eyelashes: How To

Magnetic eyelashes are quite simple to apply. The bottom ones are positioned immediately beneath the top ones so that both parts can adhere to one another when the top ones are placed along your natural lash line. In essence, you are sandwiching your real eyelashes between the false ones on either side.

 Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

As safe to use as conventional false eyelashes are magnetic ones. You should be alright as long as you are not allergic to the materials they are constructed of. In fact, magnetic ones should be safer than ordinary ones since there is no adhesive that could drip into your eye.

Which Magnetic Eyelashes Are the Best?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the ideal magnetic eyelashes for you. Some people prefer extremely thick and fluffy over-the-top lashes, while others choose a more natural appearance. Some people prefer entire strips, while others prefer half-strips solely to highlight the outside corners. However, if you’re on a tight budget, the Ardell Magnetic Lash Accent ones appear to be a popular choice from what we could tell online.

An excellent alternative is Arvesa Magnetic Eyelashes. The greatest lashes are Lash’d Up Magnetic Lashes for a more natural appearance.

Does Swimming Work With Magnetic Lashes?

Wearing magnetic lashes while swimming is not a good idea. Contrary to glue with false teeth, which can rip off in the water, the magnets should logically be clipped and remain in place. However, while they are simple to remove and reapply after swimming, we advise taking them off before you go swimming unless you want to run the risk of losing them in the water or damaging the actual lashes with pool water.

Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes can be used again. They don’t get stretched out, deformed, or generally damaged with adhesive because you don’t use it to secure them. Since they are magnetic, it is easy to remove them and store them till the next time in the box provided.


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