Makeup Primer – Make Your Skin Shine

Have you ever wondered what the most crucial element in your makeup is? The answer is apparent — it’s the base or primer. The quality and durability of our makeup depends on picking the suitable foundation. You can leave your lipstick at home or forget to apply eyeliner, but if you don’t apply the foundation and a little power (for instance), it can be a disaster. Now, let’s discover some crucial advice regarding your makeup foundation and your skin will always seem great.

Makeup Primer – Make Your Skin ShineChoose It Right

There are two primary things to consider when picking a makeup primer – the color (which depends on your natural skin color) and your skin type.

To determine the color that will match your complexion start with the primer which is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Too dark primers may generate the mask look on your face. To test the color, apply it on the back of your arm area because its skin tone there is close to your face. Do not try primers on your neck because it is in shadow and the skin tone differs from the one of your face. Don’t test only one color. Try at least three of them in a row – one somewhat lighter and one darker than the color you think is natural for your skin. This way you may compare and determine which one really suits you best.

Skin Type
Not less vital is to choose the primer according to your skin type. If you have oily skin you could choose for a beautifier to hide the unnecessary skin gleaming. There are primers for oily skin which truly keep the skin oil under control during the day. If you have certain skin concerns such as redness, under eye circles or sallow complexion matte primers will disguise them. For dry skin you should use the moisturizer before applying a primer or use a primer which already includes a moisturizer.

Makeup Primer – Make Your Skin ShineApply It Right
First of all you should remember to apply a primer not only on your face but on your neck as well, to create the homogeneous smooth skin tone. Do not apply facial primer under eyes and on your eyelids. There is a special cosmetics primer which is developed exclusively for the sensitive eye skin. The primer can be applied with a sponge or your fingertips. Apply particular quantity of primer on your T-zone first, and then spread it to the rest of your face with delicate swiping strokes. The hard-to-cover regions like wrinkles around eyes and lips should be coated with extra layer of primer. After you’ve applied the primer, let it dry for several minutes. Then you may finish your makeup with powder, blushes and eye shadows.


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