Max Milly – Digital Artist You Have To Follow On Instagram

Let’s face it: Instagram has completely taken over our life, and we are completely fine with it. Every day, thousands of people open profiles and broadcast their everyday activities, crafts, or even just their cosmetic prowess. Some are better than others, and some have a larger following. One artist, though, has been sweeping Instagram with his artistically obscene pieces. The amazing Max Milly published his debut article in March 2012, and since then, he has amassed over 60k followers. His creations reveal how much makeup is an artistic medium. You might see double in this post, so be careful. Warning: You might wish to get all of his artwork permanently inked on your body. If you do, we won’t pass any judgment on you.

1. With this one, we made the decision to aim straight for your heart. Beautiful work!

2. It is beyond our comprehension how someone can emphasize beauty in such a delicate way. We are there as soon as he begins offering private coaching.

3. This one’s accents are perfect! How about the setting that so perfectly enhances the artwork? Unbelievable!

4. But that shadow! If only our shadows were as beautifully cast as this one. On the nose, there is amazing detail.

5. These blows! And the concept? The hues are simply stunning. Everyone occasionally needs someone to brighten their eyes.

6. The triple threat! Is it true that these special effects are superior than anything you’ve seen in a movie? We now made it a point to track down that eyeshadow and figure out how to use it in that manner. We’ll keep you updated on the situation.

7. These mesmerizingly lovely eyes that you could gaze into for hours… Her eyes are the exact same shade as the artwork above! What’s even possible about that?

8. When they first uttered the phrase “on fleek,” people were gazing at these eyebrows. Without a question.

9. Your dreams will most likely be haunted by this soft silhouette in all the best ways.

10. Another option is this seductive ode to female beauty. No need to argue the obvious; we kind of wish all of our selfies were like that.


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