Mayim Bialik Talks Anxiety While on ‘Big Bang’

On Call Me Kat and The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik appears to be a complete pro. But the new Jeopardy! specials presenter has acknowledged that she has struggled with anxiety in front of the camera in her YouTube series and podcast Bialik Breakdown.

Mayim Bialik discussed her struggle with anxiousness while filming certain scenes for the well-known CBS sitcom, which ended in 2018, in a conversation with her co-star Kevin Sussman in July.

“I have really high levels of performance anxiety when it comes to acting. There is a lot of anxiousness there “Mayim and Kevin collaborated. “And whenever I try to do anything that is very free-form, like improv, I freeze. I halt in my tracks. There are tears there and it feels like an instant lump in your throat. I want to cry, really.”

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Mayim continued by saying that in addition to improv, she has also been anxious when dealing with directions from directors.

“When working on The Big Bang Theory, I’ve encountered this a few times when there was a specific manner they wanted a line delivered, and I was like, “Oh okay, I got that. The following take will include it. And even though I do it, it’s still wrong. And occasionally, despite the fact that it’s not amusing, it seems like no one is laughing.”

I can often do four to five takes before my throat begins acting up, she continued.

Mayim revealed that she uses meditation to aid in sleep and counselling to deal with her anxiety. Mayim particularly likes using the free meditation app Insight Timer to help her relax and body-scan exercises to get started. She added that she had found success by putting a weighted blanket over her shoulders.

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