Meet Hijarbie, The Popular Doll Wearing Muslim Fashion

We are all aware that toy manufacturers are attempting to modify modern Barbies to reflect the height, body proportions, minimal makeup, and dress trends of contemporary women. Without a doubt, it’s amazing that manufacturers are working so hard to make Barbies look like us, regular girls, and to promote healthy lifestyles. But what you hadn’t seen before (and didn’t anticipate seeing either) were the dolls’ fashions.

Check out the interesting Instagram account of 24-year-old Nigerian pharmacology student Haneefah Adam, who already has 50,000 followers! Adam posts images of a doll wearing an Islamic veil in various configurations in her gallery. The young woman started her account in December, and since then, it has grown immensely popular. She didn’t actually anticipate such a huge success and virality, to be honest.

What motivated her to take pictures of Barbie dolls dressed in such a “modest” manner? Adam didn’t observe dolls as she did as the Barbie doll design evolved. She made the decision to demonstrate how appealing, fashionable, and modest Muslim clothing can be.

Adam creates all of her own clothing. Many of these outfits were influenced by the gorgeous garb worn by well-known Muslim fashion bloggers. She’s trying hard to prove that a “modest” style can also have various options and combination opportunities.

It is important to note, that wearing hijab now is more of a choice, not an obligation in many Islamic cultures. The author of these photos hopes that her designs will bring a positive impact on Muslim girls and women, making them want to rock sophisticated outfits, choosing a modest lifestyle and wearing the hijab proudly.

More and more girls decide to adopt the hijab style knowing that it can look stylish thanks to such amazing projects. Artist’s Barbie outfit designs project is now a part of the Muslim world movement, which includes the World Hijab Day, founded to offer women around the world an excuse to experience wearing a hijab.

Adam is planning to launch her own hijab collection now, and working on her new project. Soon will be available for purchase (we are really looking forward to it!).

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