Mega Lego Fan Opens Lego-Themed Restaurant In The Philippines

When you were a kid, did you like Legos? Then again, we bet he was more of a fan than you were. Due to his obsession with Legos, Jergs Correa opened his own restaurant in Pasig City, Philippines, with a Lego-themed interior.

It’s true that you can eat actual Lego brick burgers, and we are desperate to make our own DIY version of these. Fill your Lego burger as much as you like with toppings like mac and cheese, onions, and bacon pieces.

You can indulge all your childhood fantasies while you wait for dinner by playing with Lego kits. What do you think of consuming synthetic plastic objects that are a vibrant red and yellow? The “Darth Burger” is a witty name for the burger with the black bun.

The entire interior decor is inspired by Lego, including the chairs, lights, and other elements. Sons, nephews, and adult man-children would be ideal to bring.

If the colorful buns put you off, you can also have chicken wings and noodles, which are a pretty strange complement to a Lego-only motif. However, everyone who gets upset because you forced them here can at least order something somewhat normal.

But taking everything into account, you probably wouldn’t find this in your neighborhood mall, so even for the novelty, it’s worth a visit. Skip this and go to your neighborhood burger joint if you want a traditional golden-toasted bread and hate theme eateries.

This restaurant is undoubtedly your fantasy come true if you’re a huge fan, have seen the Lego movie, or have visited Legoland more times than you can count on one hand. Even though Lego tweeted a shocked face emoji when they spotted this burger, they don’t actually have leg ties! (Compliment or criticism?)


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